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  1. It's not a good idea as people would later found out. It's hard to keep up a fake community, even if you have people to help you. All communities I was part of were usually gaming communities so it's easier to get members if you have a wide variety of games. I don't feel the need to, though. I think I'd do it if it's something else, like Instagram Followers/Comments/Likes, Facebook Likes/Comments, YouTube Views/Likes/Comments/Subscribers etc, but not active members in a community.
  2. IPBoard 3.x is outdated itself, mainly because of it's security flaws that will not be fixed. I highly recommend you download the IPS4. You can find it here.
  3. If you intend to apply groups for each section: <Section Name> Moderators Moderators: <Section Name> Those would sound better. Also, you may keep the Junior Moderator name, and add the access manually by user, not by group.
  4. "Gender: Attack Helicopter" Wtf.

    1. GradientWizzard


      I seen that! haha

  5. Hello, I'm Andrew, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Romania. Glad to meet you.