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  1. @Isabel With no background in. .. I resolved ... do me just gaming logo, pls! Text is ... Other?
  2. @Isabel Isabel, I can make a new gaming logo to fit this picture? Please? If you can do a background that is all over the Forum, you are cool, if not, just do me a logo ... Here are some pictures with the Forum, the Forum is in romania. So not really a to understand, you showed with your logo/background. @Isabel With no background in. .. I resolved ... do me just gaming logo, pls!
  3. Can you put your logo on it without the background you may resize? @Isabel
  4. @Isabel ENGLISH: You can put on your background? and resize the background as others?! Thanks! You're super cool! ROMANIAN: Vorbesti romana?
  5. @Isabel Yes. Resize to the size as the other logos if you can, please.
  6. @Isabel Isabel, I can make a logo genre right? Without hosting games .
  7. Hi, please help me out with the theme after! Will beg you with all my heart! Thanks from my heart to the person who helps me!
  8. @Isabel It doesn't matter, it's very beautiful and so!
  9. Thanks very much men !!!!!!!! You a graphic artist... omg...