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  1. Hi guys, do you have any tutorials/tips/tricks about making applications or plugins on ips ?
  2. Open Steam from link

    steam: "-applaunch 10 +connect ip" ? Or program-name://connect/
  3. Selecting member with id 1 (PHP)

    Thank you. Problem sloved again
  4. Selecting member with id 1 (PHP)

    This worked for the profile photo but how should i make it , to display the name too (not on profile photo)
  5. Selecting member with id 1 (PHP)

    That's a custom footer. <div style="display:inline-block;"> <a href="https://forum.gg-hub.com/profile/1-skip-the-dragon/" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="https://forum.gg-hub.com/profile/1-skip-the-dragon/?do=hovercard" class="ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_tiny" title="{lang="email_go_to_x_profile" sprintf="$memberid ='1'->name"}" id="ips_uid_16_8" style="display:inline-block;"> <img src="https://forum.gg-hub.com/uploads/monthly_2017_06/1noavatar.thumb.png.b4ac0e2db13f45e197e14cdce6117e07.png" alt="Skip The Dragon" itemprop="image" > </a> <ul class="ft_ul"> <li><a href="https://forum.gg-hub.com/profile/1-skip-the-dragon/" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="https://forum.gg-hub.com/profile/1-skip-the-dragon/?do=hovercard&referrer=https%253A%252F%252Fforum.gg-hub.com%252F" title="{lang="email_go_to_x_profile" sprintf="$member->name"}" class="ipsType_break" id="ips_uid_16_9"><h3 class="skip">Skip The Dragon (i want this to pe replaced with the member name that has id 1)</h3></a></li> <li><span class="ft_fondator">Founder (I want to replace his group aswell) </span></li> </ul> </div>
  6. Selecting member with id 1 (PHP)

    I'm trying to get the founder name (usually id 1 ) , to update every time i change my name and photo and for that i need a code to get from member_id,and from member_id his name SHORT(idk if it's short): Getting from user with id 1 his name an photo automatically Sorry, i can't explain better now, it 3:10 am in my country, and i barely slept these days
  7. Hi guys, in advice sorry for the dumb question How can i select a member name where his id is 1 (i want to use it in sprintif) {lang="email_go_to_x_profile" sprintf="$member->name"} (i know it's not even close, i've just let it be bcs it wouldn't show me nothing in %s)
  8. What did you do for 50 euro? The domain could cost 1 dollar from go daddy,
  9. Icon Problem on Surface Dark

    Try what @Cookie Monster said, if that doesn't'work check console log
  10. Topic pages

    Ohh, that's the place where i didn't look up , lol , thanks and sorry for the post
  11. Topic pages

    Hi again guys, (i don't really know how to explain this but i will try) I want for every 5 replies in my topic to have another page for it For example: I don't know if is a plugin or option i didn't find it on google/webflake/ips community I've created here 24 topics and didn't get an 2nd page (i will remove the link later if is a problem)
  12. Moving views and replies

    Thanks for the lesson! It's ok to start with step 5 ? :))
  13. Moving views and replies

    I'm not that good in php..
  14. Moving views and replies

    Still not working {{foreach $row->stats(FALSE) as $k => $v}} {{endforeach}} and if i add these the page stops working too.
  15. Moving views and replies

    I don't think i can make it work in anyway. just displays 0 on any topic