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  1. What kind of color/design theme are you looking at for your header?
  2. There are some ways to do it in HTML, but one of the more simpler ways of going about it is by doing it through the social media tab in the general settings of the theme, or by using the external link in the menu manager. Menu Manager is easier, Social Media tab looks better. Other than that, I'm actually pretty lost on how you could make a redirect function keep opening tabs in new windows. Some people can change it in their browser settings. But I believe if you try and go about doing it manually in the HTML, you could run into a bunch of problems and it's just not worth going through the trouble when there are easier and much less complicated alternatives. If you'd like some assistance with the social media tab, check out these images (the HTML coding usually is already setup. All you have to do is change the href="yoururl" link This can usually be found in your theme's general edit settings: Customization > Apperance > Themes > Edit (Pencil) > Social Icons
  3. Where are you putting these external links?
  4. Only recently acquainted myself with Jeffrey, however I have known for a little over 2 years from working in the same sort of community. I'm actually jealous of about 95% of the work he does and is definitely worth giving that extra buck for what he does. He does it for free and few bucks and here and there definitely doesn't hurt. Good man, better developer.
  5. I am in the discord server. I think I have to wait to be accepted or given a role to chat with others and access other areas.
  6. I didn't even realize there were positions like that available. I appreciate it a lot, Jeffery!
  7. Perhaps one day we shall work together. You do a great job already and are very willing to assist others outside of Webflake. Very commendable of you.
  8. I can understand that Hopefully I'll be able to assist you in the support section. I see a whole bunch of questions asked almost everyday.
  9. Ah, I do remember you. And I also remember the homepage issue I was having. I ended up figuring out all of that eventually. Took me a few days.
  10. (I'll post images below to help further assist you.) If you go into your forum settings where you can create categories, sections and subsections Click on the section that you want to arrange by start date and select "Start Date" from the "Default sort order" option Hope I helped!
  11. You can also remove it by editing the xml file from your folder directory and then CTRL + F "IPS Theme by IPSFocus" and then remove from there and reupload
  12. First off, I'd like to thank Morpheus for his original post which had guided me originally to how you can do this. This will basically be a more detailed guide for the 4.2 version as times always change. You can check out his thread HERE. I've seen some people ask about this and I figured I'd make a quick tutorial on it. I'll get straight to the point. This tutorial is to teach users who use IPB's forum software how to allow CSS in individual member titles. At the moment there is not a plugin or application available to do this easily so you will have to just edit/replace some already-existing code and adding the proper code to your Custom CSS. WARNING: You will need to do this for every member individually. Yes it's tedious, but it's only if you want it done. Step 1: Open up your theme's "Edit HTML/CSS" interface by going to: Customization > Appearance > Themes > and clicking this on the theme you're using Step 2: In the Templates area you will input either two of these codes depending on what you're using (these will be changed) You will use this code if you ARE using the "Enhanced User Info Panel" plugin ipsComment_author cAuthorPane ipsColumn ipsColumn_medium euip_PanelWidth You will use this code if you ARE NOT using the "Enhanced User Info Panel" plugin ipsType_break Once you find that area, you will look for the following code in the designated template: You will look for this code if you ARE using the "Enhanced User Info Panel" plugin <span class="ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break"> {$comment->author()->member_title} </span> You will look for this code if you ARE NOT using the "Enhanced User Info Panel" plugin {{if $comment->author()->member_title && $comment->author()->member_id}} <li class='ipsType_break'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li> Step 3: Replace the entire code as displayed above with the following code: <li class='adm_{$comment->author()->member_id}'> {$comment->author()->member_title} </li> Save the Template and you are pretty much done. The last thing you will need to do is input proper CSS coding into your Custom CSS template. I will list the code and an example below. Proper Code Styling: .adm_(member's ID) { Your CSS Coding } Example: On my forum, my member ID is #1 because I created the forum and that is the ID I was given upon creation. You can find a user's member ID by either accessing their account information through the Members > Members option on the ACP or by opening their profile on your forums - it'll be the number that comes before your name (check the spoiler for ID image examples if you are confused.) Spoiler for URL ID Images Example of my Code Styling: (with an image of end result) .adm_1 { color:cyan; font-weight:bold; text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px yellow; } Spoiler for End Result And that's it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me on my discord or via PM. If anyone would like this service to be done by yours truly, you can check out my service thread over at Rune-Server