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  1. Nah. I see that you have it in there, but without the !Important tag, which is what will prioritize the coding that will move the navigation area to the left.
  2. On my screen if you put !important after 620px, it works for me.
  3. .ta_Header .ipsNavBar_primary > ul { margin-right: 620px !important; } Try this
  4. .ta_Header .ipsNavBar_primary > ul { margin-right: 620px; } Go into your Custom CSS and place this somewhere. Let me know if that works for you. If not, raise it up 30px, if you need it more, just keep raising the px till it works for you.
  5. Wasn't being rude. It was him being rude, but yeah take the moderator's side of things. Apologies for mistaking your gender. You'd be surprised how many people have girl profile picture but are guys.
  6. Do you want them to be in the center or to the far left? Or to the same area where it's at now except on the left side.
  7. What kind of color/design theme are you looking at for your header?
  8. Could you show some sort of media so I can understand what you mean? Usually if you know the coding that is forcing it to the right you can rewrite it to the left. Also, if you could leave the URL to your site, I'll see if I can do it myself and throw you the coding once complete.
  9. Because it looks better without the plugin. It'll look sloppy and all bungled up together with unless you have a small number of values being shown. I was giving him an opinion of my experience with it. Don't come at me like that again.
  10. You're better off turning it all off for mobile so it doesn't look like garbage
  11. There are some ways to do it in HTML, but one of the more simpler ways of going about it is by doing it through the social media tab in the general settings of the theme, or by using the external link in the menu manager. Menu Manager is easier, Social Media tab looks better. Other than that, I'm actually pretty lost on how you could make a redirect function keep opening tabs in new windows. Some people can change it in their browser settings. But I believe if you try and go about doing it manually in the HTML, you could run into a bunch of problems and it's just not worth going through the trouble when there are easier and much less complicated alternatives. If you'd like some assistance with the social media tab, check out these images (the HTML coding usually is already setup. All you have to do is change the href="yoururl" link This can usually be found in your theme's general edit settings: Customization > Apperance > Themes > Edit (Pencil) > Social Icons
  12. Where are you putting these external links?
  13. Only recently acquainted myself with Jeffrey, however I have known for a little over 2 years from working in the same sort of community. I'm actually jealous of about 95% of the work he does and is definitely worth giving that extra buck for what he does. He does it for free and few bucks and here and there definitely doesn't hurt. Good man, better developer.