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  1. Like how there are no Linux variants of an OS. I work with all 3 of them (Work: Mac and Linux Home: Windows and Linux) and prefer Linux. The only reason that I still have a Windows machine is that not all games have Linux version.
  2. MrGKanev

    Apache vs Nginx

    Apache ... Nginx only for my static projects but not much. I don't like that we can't use .htaccess files and I have to install a lot of modules to use the project for dynamic projects.
  3. There isn't a "best". You need to configure all the systems and they can make it great. So it really depends on what you need.
  4. So I found some CMS or systems that I can use and wanted to add them here for people who will have the similar problems: Sharetribe - and that is mostly it :( - you can build something with Joomla or Wordpress but I wanted to do it with a system that is "baked" for it.
  5. IPB is really on the top after that it really depends on what you want to do. vBulletin is good for integrating Minecraft servers with websites (example), or that Xenforo is good with TF2 communities so it really depends on what you want to d.
  6. If there is someone else who knows a CMS with this kind of features I will love to see it. I have 4-5 more days before I will start working on the website so there is time.
  7. It is for a friend and that is why I don't want to build it on my own. I'm sure that there is this kind of marketplaces already done like a CMS or open source projects. Just wanted to ask if someone knows because I'm not even sure the correct term for it.
  8. Hi guys, Just asking if there is a CMS like freelancers(dot)com. Like a marketplace for what people want and people to want to do it. If it is PHP based it will be awesome but if it is something else web related it will not be so bad. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, Castesio hope you like it here and tell us more about urself ...
  10. Yep, same thing. On the top of the website there are Christmas lights and when you point with your mouse on them they explode. If you can make a ON/OFF switch for the sound it will be great.
  11. Personally: Chrome Work: Firefox Opera Edge IE ...
  12. If there was a way to stop and start the sound of the Christmas lights when you break them it will be a big + ... Otherwise it is a great theme and update.
  13. I'm like @WhatWentDown but the other way around. JS, PHP, HTML, CSS are my better languages but I know a bit of Java for android developing.