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  1. Best of luck need any info or help let me know
  2. Hello, My name is Frank Reagan I am now registered on Webflake as the newest member I needed a new forums to hang on and just conversate with as the old one I was apart of grew very hostile and you couldnt say much of anything without someone trying to "flame" you and it just grew to be hatred rather then a place to meet new people and have fun so I heard about Webflake I saw some posts and fell in love with you guys so I am here to have some fun and share some laughs or offer my knowledge. - Name: Christopher - Age: 24 - Occupation: Master Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office (I am not a stuck up or racist cop before you start writing up a pm calling me a shit or racist pig) (I also dont have time nor do I care about nulled stuff as I know its expensive and they kinda rip you off so im cool with that) - Location: Riverview, FL - Hobbies: Scripting, Playing Video Games, Shopping with my Wife (God help me please its like being held hostage), and going hunting/fishing I am a avid outdoors man Anyways thats it for now see ya guys in the forums
  3. I am looking for people with pterodactyl panel experience I would like to install it but dont know how to 100% as the install instructions only go so far
  4. I had it but I sold 1.3 BTC right before the crash thank god I still have some though I have like 3 BTC from back when it was like $10 when it first came out I still have the paper and receipt to lol