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  1. well im busy here adding content. and yes Angel my good wife is still doing graphics. was goin to start a site but time and work always seem to take over. wow I knew it was you by your typing I never forget.
  2. Hello and welcome to wf hope you enjoy your stay with us here. Oh please mate no need for the large text at all.
  3. Omg hey bud wow what a small world and how is Jimmy our Canadian friend. And yes im the Tricky lol still at it bud as always. Get yourself over to the discord channel.
  4. Ohhh did you run a graphics site by any chance?
  5. You have mabe hit your download limit or are marked as inactive once you make some good posts your account will be active again. then you will be able to download until you hit your cap. You can read here for more info
  6. Hello and welcome to the site we Hope you enjoy your stay with us and make your project successful.
  7. I think its just greed I know that some are just trying to make a living but then they think well il just charge what I want because there a people willing to pay and there are no restrictions. But then you get guys like us that add content for free for all to enjoy.
  8. Welcome Mikey to the forums I used to know a Mikey from years ago but glad to see you active
  9. Tricky


    Hello and welcome to webflake just a shame you feel you have to type in all caps.
  10. Hey Raymond and welcome to WebFlake
  11. Why should your parents buy it even if they have the money to.
  12. Tricky

    Hello all

    well to be honest I would not recommend Mybb any more it used to be a fantastic platform but now not so its full of bugs with constant fixes. Id for sure go with Ipb its stable and has all features and well a stack more than mybb.
  13. A nice little tutorial i'm sure it will come in handy for some.
  14. Same seems like I had the old version but it will turn up.