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  1. Hey there please don't post requests in the wrong section you wont get any form of help. Also requests are for advanced members only
  2. Looks very interesting might check them out
  3. Must agree with you but there are tons of free out there. mabe its just me like in my firs post iv tons of em and get quite good traffic of a few so mabe il hold of paying just for now.
  4. Getting up at 3:30am for bloody work.
  5. Well im using AVG internet security suite I got it free for a year so thought what the hell eh seems ok so far Oh and it has AVG tune up with it its sweet got my pc running better.
  6. I think it could be FLine but a modified version I think all they have done is change colors
  7. Has to be Monster for sure
  8. Well I think it a good rule of thumb. don't copy and paste its an easy way of getting a ban and then its also lazy as hell. and if you make good posts you rep will be given back by members.
  9. Tricky


    You need make some posts in the sections that allow you to post in. then you will be active again its as simple as that really. the email should have contained a list of forums that you can post reply in..
  10. For you to be able to post a request you need be an advanced member im afraid.
  11. oh yes there is lots of fantastic stuff on here the safest way to get them also of trusted uploaders.
  12. Tricky


    I think at the end of tha day a little more info would help you allot. what type of site is it goin to be are you paying for someones time ect ect is it completely custom or just out of the box?????
  13. never used garrysmod so would not have a clue bud
  14. Tricky

    Need IPS Plugin

    Yes upgrade I think that 3 downloads a day is more than fair it might only take you a day or two to leech what you need......