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  1. Hi and welcome to the site hope you enjoy your stay with us here.
  2. There is also this its easy to use and add plugins it has all you would need
  3. Sirus Forum Theme

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    A nice simple template enjoy all remember to say thanks

  4. Version 1.0.0


    A nice little template for you guys hope you enjoy

  5. Welcome to the site SuperNaz hope you enjoy your stay with us here.
  6. Flow 1.8

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    I must say this is a great theme I love it Just sharing it with all you guys its retail (enjoy)

  7. Welcome to the site Semtex good to see you back.
  8. Hi and welcome to the site
  9. Thanks for this works a charm.
    Just fantastic works a charm no issues
  10. Version


    A real nice theme for 1.8 please remember to like if ya do

  11. As it says in the title its snowing here a lot brrrrrrrrrrrrrr whats it like where your at
  12. Welcome to the site bud
  13. Well here we go I'm building a new site with mybb a little quick rundown of content. Its goin to be a Kodi Builds site ie Wizards how to create a build and mods for kodi and iptv ect how should I set it out any suggestions for maximum ease of use of the site. Edit: Ok this is where I'm at so far lots of template edits. Created a simple table held off on css effects no need for it made it so it can be collapsible and now i'm creating a video page as I'm typing.... Just a few more bits to do