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  1. Hi an old member here

    Welcome to the site Semtex good to see you back.
  2. Hey all :)

    Hi and welcome to the site
  3. Removing update notice

    Thanks for this works a charm.
  4. (BIM42) Chatbox

    Just fantastic works a charm no issues
  5. MyBB - Xburn Theme



    A real nice theme for 1.8 please remember to like if ya do
  6. Its Snowing

    As it says in the title its snowing here a lot brrrrrrrrrrrrrr whats it like where your at
  7. Hi boys

    Welcome to the site bud
  8. Creating a new site

    Well here we go I'm building a new site with mybb a little quick rundown of content. Its goin to be a Kodi Builds site ie Wizards how to create a build and mods for kodi and iptv ect how should I set it out any suggestions for maximum ease of use of the site. Edit: Ok this is where I'm at so far lots of template edits. Created a simple table held off on css effects no need for it made it so it can be collapsible and now i'm creating a video page as I'm typing.... Just a few more bits to do
  9. Tricky Here

    Thanks for the welcome all
  10. Tricky Here

    Thanks for the welcome cookie monster <<<<<<<< Oh there is an image missing under my avatar
  11. Error

    seems to me its a host error id check with them
  12. Tricky Here

    Thanks for the welcome
  13. FunkyOne



    A transparent responsive MyBB 1.8.x theme. background can easily be changed to work for all niches and looks great.Works on all your mobile / tablet and desktop devices and comes with the below.
  14. FlipSide - MyBB Theme

    Version 1.0


    Features:1.Fixed Sidebar based MyBB Theme2. Clean, Modern, Minimal design.3. Custom Css3 animations4. jQuery features5. Custom Modal Login6. Compatible with 1.8x Series of MyBB & more
  15. MyBB - Lottery

    Version 2.0

    1 download

    Please Read Instructions with this plugin Lottery Adds a lottery system to This is a plugin for the NewPoints system. 1. Upload the contents of the Upload folder to the root of your MyBB installation. 2. Go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Plugins -> Activate & Install "Lottery". 3. Go to ACP -> NewPoints-> Settings -> Lottery to change anything you need. 3. Go to ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Setup the NewPoints Lottery task to run at a similar period of time that you set in the Draw Frequency setting, i.e. if you want a new draw to be done every day, starting at midnight, you'll need to configure the task to be run at midnight of every day. To access the Lottery go to www.yoursite.com/newpoints.php?action=lottery.