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  1. How could I improve it... [LOGO]

    The more recent logo trend is to use a more 'Flat' appearance. So This would mean removing the drop shadows and inner glows. What does his team do? Maybe you can incorporate some imagery related to what the club is about Caleeco
  2. Great Message! Love to see websites that are more about the community than the money!
  3. Easier Way to Upgrade?

    @Comendator @Cookie Monster Thank you kind sirs! 4.2.4 up and running
  4. Easier Way to Upgrade?

    Hello, I am trying to update from 4.2.2 to 4.2.4. Is there a quick way to do this update? The process I have been using is to replace all the 4.2.2 Folders through CPANEL with the equivalent 4.2.4 folders. Then re-running the install process. This doesnt feel like the most efficient process, am I missing a trick here? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks Caleeco
  5. Trophies and Medals 1.1.2

    *enters thread* *bumps Thread*
  6. Last to post wins!

    Journal Entry #328632 Is today the day I win the post war? It must end soon... #Winter is Coming
  7. [HQ4] Badges

    Great addition!
  8. Remove Topic Icon Drop-Shadow

    You legend! Thank you very much Thread marked as solved!
  9. Remove Topic Icon Drop-Shadow

    I am indeed using Behemoth! Thanks for the CSS adjustments, work like a charm Would you also be able to advise how to remove the drop shadow on the Category icon on the main forum page? Thanks for you help, really appreciate it! Caleeco
  10. Behemoth theme copyright

    Hmm... curious... I guess Taman really wants people to know it's his theme Sorry I can't be of more help!
  11. Behemoth theme copyright

    This is line 19 of the ta.library.js as @KELSIER pointed to. var ta_c=document.createElement("a");ta_c.innerHTML="|Theme by Taman",ta_c.setAttribute("href","https://invisionpower.com/profile/537452-taman/"),ta_c.setAttribute("title","Behemoth Theme"),ta_c.setAttribute("id","taCopyright"),ta_c.setAttribute("style","display:inline !important"),null!==document.querySelector("#elCopyright")?document.getElementById("elCopyright").appendChild(ta_c):document.getElementById("ipsLayout_footer").appendChild(ta_c); Regards Caleeco
  12. Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the dropshadow from the following elements? Topic List Quote box Couldnt find anything in the theme settings, I assume Custom.CSS could help? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks Caleeco
  13. Heyooo

    Hi Whimpered Glad you've decided to stop over! WF is the best IPS community I've come across, i've found everyone to be really helpful Caleeco
  14. Last to post wins!

    *Enter Current Winner*
  15. Hello

    Hello Dimos Welcome to the Forum! Hope to see you around on the board Caleeco