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  1. @Rampagerabbit Thanks you very much! Might just upgrade to IPS 4.3 now!
  2. Thank you so much! This is a very handy trick to know! For some reason I can't mark thread as solved, it will only let me upvote your post Regards Caleeco
  3. Hello, I have a recents blog widget on my main page (see image). However, I would like to be able to remove the 'Posted On' & 'Tags' below the blog title header. I'm struggling to find which php file this code sits in. Is there someway I can check using the Inspect feature on chrome? Any Help would be appreciated
  4. Hello, I run a help forum, which has small set of active users. I feel that showing more people online (other than just me lol) might encourage others to sign-up! Hence I'm after this Application: If anyone has this to upload, it would be greatly appreacited Many Thanks Caleeco
  5. Version 2.0.5


    Learning Management Theme Clever Course is a LMS (Learning Management System) wordpress theme. It?s suitable for school, university, college, education etc.. This theme is designed especially for creating and sell courses. You can sell both online course either onsite course. For online, each course can be separate into parts/sections and you can also create online quiz to evaluate learners. About payment, learner can choose to pay by Paypal, Stripe, PayMill, or directly or they can choose to transfer by other methods(Admin can provide other methods such as bank transfer) then learners will have a submission from in backend to submit payment evidence(Bank transfer receipt for example). After learner submit, admin can check the evidence in admin?s backend and approve or reject the submission later. For Onsite Course, learner can fill the amount of package in case of purchasing for friends. After purchasing, learner will get the reference code which be used for instructor to compare with the record in the date of studying. Source:

  6. Hello, I have installed a WP theme, however, the theme has removed the option for users to comment on 'Pages'. The WP Themer provided guidance on how to re-enable comments to a different style of page (Courses) but I couldn't read this across to the Page.php file. I have attached some files that may help. Single.php - Includes the code for the comments section (This appears on Single Blog Posts) page.php - I assume this is the one i need to edit with code from above gdlr-page-options.php - I have edited the following line to tie in with the instructions above: add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt','comments'); Unfortunately my PHP/HTML skills is nowhere near good enough to decipher this. I've had a go, and get lots of code errors :/ Any Help is appreciated Many Thanks Caleeco single.php gdlr-page-options.php page.php Full theme is available here if it's any help
  7. hmm that's strange, maybe an install problem? I will try to resinstall!
  8. Hello, Something strange I've come across, not sure if its an IPS problem or a "Medals And Trophies" Problem. When I create a new Trophy, and then click in the description box to type... the entire box just greys out and doesnt allow me to type. Has anyone come across this? Any help is appreaciated Thanks Caleeco
  9. luckily I had only uploaded about 6 out of 36! Seems to be working, the image does appear to be slightly sharper! Thank you very much!
  10. ah i switched the top option to "GD" and the compressions PNG slider appeared! So I assume this needs to be set to 9/9 for the best images?
  11. Hey Titcrunch, I couldnt find that path... i can get to Admin > Overview > Files > Image Settings Is this not for user uploaded images? Should I be saving my rank icons as JPG instead of PNG? Thanks for your help Caleeco
  12. Well that's very strange.... looks to be high quality for you lol. Probably just a scaling issue with my screen/browser. Will mark as solved for now, as it seems to be a problem with my machine rather than IPS Thanks for investigating!
  13. Thanks for the CSS, successfully removed the PIP Rank name Hmm... I am viewing it on a laptop with a 4k panel... maybe it's an odd scaling issue. I will check out what it looks like from my computer at work tomorrow. When you say, the site on your end doesnt look like mine. Do you mean the rank titles are all in focus/normal quality on your screen? Thanks for your help
  14. Hi STAR, Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. However, I am keen to link the post count to the member title with the progression stars (see attached). Hopefully this will increase engagement and keep people posting. So hoping there is a way around it Caleeco