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  1. BO4 is the same shit as every COD after CoD:WaW* (FTFY) Imo RoE is one of the best "new" games in the genre. Warframe is also one which keeps me busy.
  2. null1ng

    Mac or Windows

    Windows > Mac, kinda surprised there's no Linux as a choice. :'D
  3. Hey! After 6 months of lurking around the site I thought I'd finally post an introduction. So, I'm 20 years old IT student from Finland with a bit too much extra time on his hands. I do live by myself with my best and only friend, Fluffy (she's a cat), eating my nails for breakfast, lunch and dinner with this student budget is truly enjoyable. Anyway, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll see ya around Regards, -n
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