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  1. Anyone know if this is a code or plugin if plugin or code please do not find it
  2. so you did something wrong, buddy, upo not all the folder correctly
  3. upgrade to newest friend version after all you just copy this link and paste it into your browser that will update
  4. try upgrading to this new friend version This is the newest and most up to date version.
  5. Because I have code from another friend and I know it's code
  6. friends I want this user info but it is not plugin and yes code I'm using this one. if you have this code of this userinfo send me please
  7. How to move to a certain friend's location?
  8. Someone ae has this userinfo and can you please send ??
  9. friend I had this same problem in the forum that was doing for the client I thought it was some files that gave an error at the time of upa so I reopened the files on the site again and I return normal
  10. Hi I'm the Leo forums I understand 70% of forum IPB / IPS I come to learn more and also spend a little about what I know for you I live in Salvador-BA only Brazilian use translator to talk to you and wanted to learn more with you about IPS / IPB A little bit of my work with IPS forum link:
  11. Blz friend I'll try again here to see