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  1. L.Coroa

    BETA Releases

    He already has his translation into Portuguese.??
  2. I'll migrate to take the test.
  3. Good friend you have to centralize right on the doll as you want it as shown in the image below result
  4. yes my friend more like I do the configuration all right for when member registers in the forum he wins the trophy and of the other things tbm pq did test registered account and was not
  5. I downloaded the Trophies and Medals but not to be able to configure it for when the person registers canha trophies automatically and same thing in post reputation someone helps to configure to give the trophy automatically by favor I'm using this app
  6. good friend was wanting this type rs you have to quele that put 2 mixed colors in the name not?
  7. VC goes in profile then add profile field and ready just fill in the la ta friend
  8. I would like to know how do I put these systems automatico when someone will create new topic already comes filled that neither the image down if it is some plugin or bbcode please someone else has it? or teach me how
  9. thank you friend, I helped a lot more was the version that is old to new that already comes with this footer more thanks for the help
  10. Good personal with client here he would like to put this in the footer of his forum if it's code someone can arrange it for me I want to know only part of the tutorial and profile of the member that comes configured when someone enters the forum appears visitor name and when registering it looks like profile of the registrar player with his name
  11. Thanks friend, thank you for your humility and help me
  12. I would like to know if someone can send this plugin to me I had already seen it but can not find it it was free it has to be sent by mail if this is plugin if it is not taught how to put