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  1. Good evening, my friend, I'm Brazilian, and I'm interested in the forum. IPS PhpBB now I want to learn more about Xephoro forum, so I'm going to abuse you here in support with doubts. good I installed everything right this time I set it up more when I type press enter or click send it updates the page and does not send message pro chat help please print
  2. I would like to know how to correctly install the chatbox or shoutbox correctly in the forum xenforo and tbm leaves it qui neither of the IPS la top on top
  3. Thanks friend, I got it, thank you.
  4. Well I downloaded the updated version of XenForo I just got it all right and giving this error help please resolve print
  5. L.Coroa

    ad plugin

    someone has plugin of advertisement that is in the upper part of the forum, I saw in a forum more forget of strip print to show to you what is
  6. vlw mano helped a lot was php qui was in version 5.0 a and I put 7.1 and funfo vlw
  7. I upe the forum everything correct in the lodging more ta giving this error helps and to please
  8. rpz only you take link and put it I think ne
  9. recommend you download the shotbox buddy pick up which version of good
  10. good friend as soon as you update you do not ask for anything else it's always good to do beckup
  11. This topic will help you, my friend.
  12. Okay, friend, upgrade and see improvement.
  13. friend I create new groups and not the green one understood and another thing is I try to install plugin goes normal more when I try to put it in the area in the forum does not appear
  14. Well I'm creating new groups and they can not be from greenworms on any topic. Another problem is when I install new plugin and try to put in the forum it does not appear if I upa the files all over again do I mention the topics and accounts?