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  1. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /admin/index.php on this server. I get this when I try to add member as a modertor to a forum
  2. When someone edits their post, I want it to be visible to others (the message that the post was edited), how do I do that?
  3. When I try to create a thread and I click on "image" and insert image link, some images appear, some dont. What could be the cause of that?
  4. How to delete these things at the bottom of my page
  5. I want to create navigation tab which would link user to the topic created in the forum, my question is... Application Directory This directory must exist in the /admin/applications_addon/other directory What do I do with this? Simply creating a folder wouldn't work, right?
  6. 1. Yes, it seems that this happends with every hook 2. It's like reversed back to it's original, all colours that I changed reversed back
  7. I editet my skin through ipb_styles.css. But whenever I upload some new hook for some reason skin changes back to to its original, all my edit is gone.
  8. I mean this one
  9. So I learned how to make transperant pretty much all the background but I still don't know how to make this one transperant
  10. How do I make my background transparent like this? I read that I need to find #content background color and change it to transparent. But where do I find this line?
  11. How do I add image at the top just like here Im completly new to php and ipb