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  1. Hello, So nothing special just having some fun playing around with the new features on IPS4.2 Clubs are a great feature that iv'e been enjoying however I noticed that lack of customisation in the form of blocks, if i add one block to one club it adds it to them all, which is obviously a problem if you wanting just one block per club. I can't search around Invision Power due to me never knowing whether or not it's going to say i need to be a client but could anyone lemme know if this is an upcoming thing, at the moment i'm using javascript for it. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I was curious if it's possible to assign java script to to specific group. I have some advertiser code I'd like to implement but only for guests. In IPB3 it used to be something (been a while so i cant quiet remembe) like if [membergroup=0] // java script // else .... etc .... but it doesn't work anymore it causes the [teamplate_out_of_date] error on my theme. Any help would be great thanks!
  4. I was wanting something with a few options like this: <img src="{option0"}> <br><br> <p>Artist:{option1} Album:{option2} Year:{option3} Bitrate:{option4} <br><br> tracklist: <br><br> 01 {option5} 02 {option6} 03 {option7} 04 {option8} 05 {option9} 06 {option10} <br><br> Support: <br></p> <a href="{option11}">Facebook</a> / <a href="{option12}">Purchase</a> where people could just fill in the requested pieces of information and the rest is generated for them.
  5. Only allows one {option} {content} i'm wanting multiple ?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make custom CKEditor buttons for IPS4.x.x, I know you can create them using the toolbox option in the ACP however i was wanting a button with multiple {options} and not just one. If anyone knows how to then could you PM me please or kinda explain how ?
  7. Good answer haha! I'm going to add a "back to top" button though i feel the portal "To Top" ain't the best
  8. It's on hosting that allows Warez and none of my details (here and on my site) are personal so i should be fine... However thanks for the concern and feedback dude! If you could change something(s) what would you change ?
  9. I'd be happy to pay the $6 for this if someone has PayPal and access to the IP Market
  10. Hmm it's working for me... You checked your Error Logs ? maybe it will give an exact explanation there ?
  11. You tried a different plugin ? link to the one you used and i'll check it on my board
  12. try this: Log into ACP Customization {skin} edit Editor Existing Editor Skin Pick one of the alternatives See if that works
  13. So i'm wanting to add custom language keys for some of the hardcoded stuff on my site, iv'e tried multiple things such as: editing the lang.xml of an application and reinstalling the application, which didn't work upon updating it would always give me applicaton.json is corrupt. editing the lang.xml and accessing the ftp and then overwriting the lang.xml of whatever application i edited. However none of these are working... i find it weird that IPS doesn't allow your own language keys.
  14. Website Address: Created on: 25th December 2016 (Relaunch) Member Count: 29 Content Count: 192 Description: Music Case, is simply put "another warez music site", however we try to difference ourselves from the other music sites by prioritizing quality over leaks or quantity. Anyone can share any type of music they want completely for free on 100% advertisement free site, whether it be Pop music or Metal music or even soundtracks. While we lack in members at the moment we're growing at a steady speed (roughly 1 person per day) and forever building our index of downloads. We also offer multiple radio stations to listen to music live while browsing the site all embedded into the IPSuite and currently working on adding more genres of radio stations. Members can earn awards for contributing to the site as well as chatting in the chatbox, we also offer other downloads such as CD scans and Digital booklets. Design of the site: The site is currently using IPS4 and while IPS4 lacks some of the features of IPB3 such as across the top blocks, we've tried our hardest to make it look familiar to those using IPB by having across the top blocks and a Portal page for recent posts. The theme of the site is a heavily modified version of Dispersion, with things such as the Hash Grabber and radio been hard coded into the site and things such as the RSS feeds in the navigation bar. While it remains a little bit clunky on the code side of the site, the site it's self runs nice and smooth and is 100% mobile friendly, including the radio stations. Improvements: In the future we plan to add more features to the site such as more radio stations, an album art grabber from iTunes and perhaps some premium link generators. We also plan to recode some of the hardcoded features to allow for translations. Any feedback would be great!
  15. I'm pretty sure there was a link somewhere on here and invision power but i can't find it... So here's a quick (hopefully easy guide) Firstly: You need access to the servers FTP as well as admin on the board, then you need to download the newest version of IPSuite. Secondly: Once downloaded the archive you need to unzip the rar to somewhere on your computer and log into your FTP Thirdly: You need to upload all the files from the archive to the same folder your board is hosted and overwrite the files, the file tree should look like this: Admin api applications datastore misc plugins system uploads php files Fourthly: Once all files have uploaded you need to go to this URL and log in as admin then navigate through the upgrade process. Important extras: You might want to back up your database easiest way is via putty with the command mysqldump -uroot DATABASENAME > backup.sql ... just in case anything goes wrong. Also might want to export your themes just in case they need reuploading afterwards. I can also help out if you need to i don't mind doing it for you, just PM me.