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  1. How translate names reactions?

    admincp > members > reputation & reactions on tab reactions, you can add/edit/delete ...
  2. click the "tasks" and view what task is lock and unlock then manual run that task.
  3. Analytics

  4. Edit Administrator Group

    i found this error code once in file... /system/Dispatcher/Front.php /* Check friendly URL and whether it is correct */ try { $this->checkUrl(); } catch( \OutOfRangeException $e ) { /* Display a 404 */ $this->application = \IPS\Application::load('core'); $this->setDefaultModule(); if ( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->isBanned() ) { \IPS\Output::i()->sidebar = FALSE; \IPS\Output::i()->bodyClasses[] = 'ipsLayout_minimal'; } \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles, \IPS\Output::i()->js( 'app.js' ) ); \IPS\Output::i()->error( 'requested_route_404', '1S160/2', 404, '' ); } maybe you need to look in friendly URL
  5. Tutorials 2.2.1

    need too, released 2.2.2 since September 7
  6. help with locale in the ips system

    for xampp and others not support locales, in ips acp if you want to add other language like thai (my local lang) i can't use th_TH but Thai_Thailand.874 so if @Tecer need to add Hebrew, he must type Hebrew_Israel.1255 in Locale Code
  7. help with locale in the ips system

  8. Advertising problem

    i told you it works because my web use adsense and i do not have any problem with it at this time. maybe after insert code you should wait sometime for ads appear. or maybe you forget to disable adblocker in your browser...
  9. Advertising problem

    as i know, you can insert adsense code (google) for advertise in admincp, even it shows "Javascript has been disabled for security.". the ads should appear and work on the forum.
  10. Leaderboard error

    i'm not sure... maybe it because of old version of mysql. ips recommend 5.6+
  11. Leaderboard error

    i just create subforums then create topics and then deleted the forum all content. but i don't have any problem like your describe. you can try admincp > support > Something isn't working correctly if this not help, maybe you must manual look it in database.
  12. Leaderboard error

    leaderboard.php replace to your forum/applications/core/tasks/leaderboard.php Controller.php replace to your forum/system/Content/Controller.php because of 4.2.4 released here is build 102017 that still have many issue. this is temporary fix i extract from build 102018. these 2 file replaced should fix issue "leaderboard task locking, moderators may not be able to split/merge topics"
  13. Clubs Enhancements

    anyone can upload newest version ?
  14. it should in forum/upload/css_build_1/ the file about 254kb