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  1. replace this file to /applications/calendar/sources/Date/Date.php
  2. you need upgrade to 4.3.3 build 103014 and above to fix this bug.
  3. according to this update changes i think you must upgrade ips to 4.3.3 build 103012 or higher to fix this bug. or i just create updated file members.php but not test because i just upgraded my board to 4.3.3 build 103015. so test it at your own rist, please backup your file... yoursite//applications/core/modules/admin/members/members.php then place above uploaded members.php instead and see it's works or not.
  4. I decided and upgraded my board to 4.3.3
  5. maybe someone who has license and still on 4.2.9 can help
  6. anyone can provide these files from ips 4.2.9? "/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/DeleteOrMoveContent.php", "/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/Follow.php", "/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/MemberContent.php", "/applications/core/extensions/core/Queue/WarnNotifications.php", "/applications/core/sources/ProfileSync/Facebook.php", "/applications/core/sources/Warnings/Warning.php", "/applications/downloads/extensions/core/Queue/Follow.php", "/applications/gallery/extensions/core/Queue/Follow.php", "/applications/nexus/extensions/core/MemberHistory/Nexus.php", "/system/Member/Device.php", "/system/Node/Colorize.php", "/system/Text/Parser.php"
  7. admincp > members > reputation & reactions on tab reactions, you can add/edit/delete ...
  8. click the "tasks" and view what task is lock and unlock then manual run that task.
  9. for xampp and others not support locales, in ips acp if you want to add other language like thai (my local lang) i can't use th_TH but Thai_Thailand.874 so if @Tecer need to add Hebrew, he must type Hebrew_Israel.1255 in Locale Code
    anyone can upload newest version ?
  10. it should in forum/upload/css_build_1/ the file about 254kb
    the repack still 4.2.2 build 102008, waiting for lastest build 102009
  11. 6d538d11ecfced46f459ee300b5e80ec_ta.library.js