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    Hi i just want to clarify that the Steam app version shared here is 2.0.10 and it is not for IPB 4.2, application version below the 2.0.13 are made for working with IPB 4.1. Even if most of its functions seems to work over IPB 4.2, others things could be missing i.e showing the steam profile in topics and could cause template errors at some point or when anyone upgrades the suite. If someone else wanna use the Steam Profile Integration App below the 2.0.13 version on their IPB 4.2, do it carefully and under your own risk, the developer of such app specify clearly which version you must use for 4.1 (2.0.x) and 4.2 (2.1.x) I suggest @TOTE To provide better information to the IPB 4.2 users and/or not providing apps that are designed for IPB 4.1 on the IPB 4.2 section since there's already a steam profile appplication that is above the version being shared on this post. Cheers @Davlin
  1. BeMusic

    Hi and sorry for the question... does this application can work or be adapteed on IPB 4.2.2?
  2. Hello Hi there, nice to see that this site is up and runing yet. i am sorry if i did my introduction until now but with what happened before, i wasn't sure which could be the fate of this great site. see you around!