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  1. this small restriction is an effort by part of the webflake staff to keep the community active on here... looks like the people is more dependant of the socialnetworks latelly... at least that's my impresion.
  2. hmm i'll switch to redis, thanks alot for the info :D
  3. thank you so much for your answer, this is what i was looking for, so for IPB Memcache is the option to set. alright, i actually have APC but since my host have enabled redis and memcache i was wondering if i should change the cache method for any of those.
  4. ok, Memcache, if someone could just explainme what's the differencue from each other, would be much appreciated since in my site , those cache methods are available.
  5. This is maybe a silly question, but what's the best cache method used and what is different from each other? APC Memcache Redis thanks.
  6. ok, after making a revision i finally got rid of this warning message by adding the said command line into the cp console in the php settings and fixing the line adding athe [ ] signs. Thanks alot to everyone for your assistance
  7. ok, i tried everything that was suggested here (thanks alot) but i can not get rid of this warning, my hosting is not a shared service (from what i know) so i don't know what else i can do .
  8. Thanks for your response :) already did it but it doesn't seems to work the file is in the directory where the community is installed in.
  9. Dangerous PHP Functions Enabled We recommend disabling the following functions on your server, or at least in the directory that your community is installed in. If you do not manage your server yourself, your hosting provider will be able to assist with this. exec, system, popen, proc_open, shell_exec Hi all, just wondering how does these issues can be fixed?, i contacted to the host tech support but that warning is still there in the dashboard.
  10. ok this problem seems to be fixed: For the template lightbox issue in the gallery: I just did what the guy in the other topic said by replacing the gallery files 4.3.3 with the Gallery files from the 4.3.2 version... however.... would be good to have the fixed version of the gallery 4.3.3 since the sytem detects that such app files comes from an old version. About memebers group bug: I fixed it by replacing the current files named Members.php and Groups.php of the ips 4.3.3 version with the same same files from the 4.3.2. accessing to following chain of folders: Applications - core - modules - admin - members Thanks for your replies and help guys
  11. Thanks for your responses and sorry if my english is broken I can say that this error doesn't happen in the official IPS version... Maybe IPS fixed it with a patch at some point of it never existed. Also i found another small bug with WF null version.... In the ACP when you wanna see the list of members by group (i.e the list of members of the Moderators group) if you have 1, 7 or 12 members on it and you click in the number to see the names or accounts, the list doesn't show complete or it just shows the name of one random member or it doesn't display any member even if you have 12 in a group. i don't know if my explanation is understable, i hope it does thanks again @Jeffrey and @Cookie Monster
  12. Hello! i was about to upgrade my site from 4.3.2 to the 4.3.3 version of IPB using the WF Null and when appliying it on a test site (before appliying it in my live site), the gallery template is broken in the client, the pictures that are not inside an album are not being displayed and it drops the following error: [[Template gallery/front/view/imageLightboxFrame is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I tried to do the following things to find a fix without success: 1.- Reinstalling the default and original skin 2.- uninstalling 3rd party plugins and apps 3.- installing a diferent skin from a 3rd party. 4.- making a clean install (in a test site host) 5.- cleaning cache the same error is just there doesn't mattter if i do a clean install or any other thing of the previous list. probably i need to edit some code in a file in the lcient but i don't know which one or where does i need to edit something to fix this pronblem. can anyone help please?
    Hi i just want to clarify that the Steam app version shared here is 2.0.10 and it is not for IPB 4.2, application version below the 2.0.13 are made for working with IPB 4.1. Even if most of its functions seems to work over IPB 4.2, others things could be missing i.e showing the steam profile in topics and could cause template errors at some point or when anyone upgrades the suite. If someone else wanna use the Steam Profile Integration App below the 2.0.13 version on their IPB 4.2, do it carefully and under your own risk, the developer of such app specify clearly which version you must use for 4.1 (2.0.x) and 4.2 (2.1.x) I suggest @TOTE To provide better information to the IPB 4.2 users and/or not providing apps that are designed for IPB 4.1 on the IPB 4.2 section since there's already a steam profile appplication that is above the version being shared on this post. Cheers @Davlin
  13. Denetor


    Hi and sorry for the question... does this application can work or be adapteed on IPB 4.2.2?