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  1. Hey, can you check your [TH] Donate resource when you have a chance? Thanks ❤️

  2. nick47274

    [TH] Donate

    This is broken, wouldn't recommend downloading. Unless someone can tell me why this occurs? " Callback ThemeHouse\Core\Branding::renderAddonBranding is invalid (error_invalid_class)." during install.
  3. How safe is it to get addons when you have a license from here? Any risks that can get your license withdrawn from some kind of built in protection, or anything such as it?
  4. Looking to buy a IPB license, preferably for the latest version that no one needs anymore. The transfer has to be done through the proper channel for payment to be received. I'm willing to buy it for 20 dollars above the renewal price., so 60 dollars. Edit: Disregard.
  5. try to directly log into the admin panel using yoururl.com/adm(in)? Then upgrade if you can?
  6. nick47274

    Twitch DB

    Yep, far as I know.
  7. nick47274

    Twitch DB

    Hey, I just got this page going a few mins ago but the language being displayed is screwed up....how could I go about fixing this? @leguedric
  8. Hey, everyone! I've installed the integration just fine without any issues but I've come across the widget not working. I've ensured that the widget is enabled on the discord server itself. This is how it looks: Discord Settings: What do?
  9. Apologies for the delay, but it wasn't possible to tick, I should have made a screenshot but I didn't. It wasn't displayed correctly in the first place and the tick mark was grey, stating it didn't need an update for some reason. Now there more errors with my tasks not running properly, I might just reinstall. Not much content will be lost (It's a small forum and quiet) @Head Guru - How would I go about doing it via the ACP?
  10. Pretty much the title, to be honest. Any reason why it didn't do it?
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