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  1. Hello @Cookie Monster, my problem is resolved. Looking alone, I remembered having already seen the option of pages in the administration. For members with a problem like me, I explain how I solved my problem: 1 - Go to ADMIN CP > System > Site promotion > Search Engine Optimization Select Meta Tags and click to the button "+ add Meta Tags". First, you have to add the relevant page. Second the title of the page.
  2. Hi, I add <i class="fa fa-name of icon"></i> on my translate, because i can not edit the title on «Menu Manager». Note: I want the secondary navigation bar to be displayed, for example, on "Clubs". And by putting "External Link" the secondary bar disappears when you are on Clubs.
  3. Hello, I have a problem adding the icon to the navigation. I wish added icons here: And when I have a joke I have this in the title: Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hello, This bug is resolved in version 4.2.2. Have a good day.
  5. «I'll fade away and classify myself as obsolete»

  6. Hello, The ipsfocus themes shared for free are simple adaptations not fixed. When I see that I still have apps not compatible in 4.2 but with the theme ipsfocus they are in it. You really should wait for themes to be really good ^^.
  7. ips 4.1 and 4.2 are good !
  8. Hello, Did you try to reinstall IPS 4.2 in your FTP? (If you are upgrading, you must keep the uploads folder and the conf_global.php file) Sorry for my bad English.
  9. Hello, I think this is a 4.2 problem. I also have problem in 4.2.
  10. Hi, If I understand correctly, when you make "enter", you have a double "enter". I'm in 4.2, but it's the same for 4.1. Go to: Admin CP > Customization > Editor and settings. Sorry for my English.
  11. Ah the sound comes from chrome? I'll see that, thank you
  12. Hello the flakes I have a question, is it "possible to change the sound of notifications"? If so, where is the source of the sound? I already search more unsuccessfully. Thank you in advance
  13. Tu as essayer celle-ci? https://webflake.sx/files/file/1247-ipb-shoutbox-141-final/ Ensuite, pourquoi ne pas upgrade vers la 4.2 (ou 4.1)?
  14. Salut, Tu as quelle version de IPB 3.4 et de la shoutbox? Je suis français aussi, ça évitera les complications.
  15. Hello to all the flakes ! I've been here since last December, and I think this is the best forum for resources and help! I am here like everyone else, that is to say have resources, but I am also there to bring my knowledge for people who need help (for ipb 4.1 / 4.2) . Oh yes, excuse me for my English, I'm French Have a good day