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  1. WDiaz

    Tracker Bundle

    I purchased the tracker bundle a few years back but the download for the bundle is no longer available. I purchased the pack in November of 2018, order number 169, unsure if I am able to still get the download for these items but it would be nice if I could get the perms to download it. Thanks for any help, I can provide receipts if needed
  2. I am working on my website, I go into the ACP, members and click on a member following such I get the following error: This error does not pop up for all users, but on some of the users it pops up and I am not entirely sure why.
  3. Yeah, a bit above my paygrade haha, I'll try looking into it but I barely know HTML as it is.
  4. Conf_global worked, had to go into support and reset the cache for the icons to reappear.
  5. Hi there, is it possible to change my sites URL on IPS 4.4? If so how does that work?
  6. One of the members of my website was curious if there was a way to sync our website calendar to their google calendar automatically so they could receive phone notification when there are events and such happening, is this possible? is it a plugin that I could get? or does that person just have to take a look at our calendar every few days and add it to theirs?
  7. Hi there. With my website we have it setup where guests/new users can only access a information section of the forum, but they have to click on that forum to view it, is there a way to make it where once they visit the page they just see whats inside of the actual forum rather than having to click to open the section. how its set right now: > user visits site > Information Category > Info Forum (they have to click on it to see whats inside) is it possible to just have it > user visits site > &g
  8. Hi there, I am trying to change my navigation bar icons to be more of what each tab is, however the "default" icon is still there as well I am using this plugin for the icons: the default icon is the first one, then the paperclip is what I added So my questions is how do I get rid of the first icon to just have the paperclip?
  9. Is there a way to update people's profile permission without using the admin CP, and rather using their profile. For instance, i would ask a member for a link to their site profile, and somewhere on there I could hit, "edit groups" or something like that and bam there is a list of groups for me to select.
  10. So I go to ACP > the paint brush > Locilgsation > Languages > Hit the pencil and then look under Locale? I dont see anything for time under it and I cant download it to search I dunno if I am just that blind or if im missing something hahha
  11. Is this under the Customize section group? because I do not see a location under the language tab there and when searching Language or lang neither pop up.
  12. Is there a way to set the time to show instead of being 12 hours (am/pm) to be in a 24 hour format?
  13. Awesome, That worked for both sides thanks much guys
  14. Thanks @Azhaurn Do you know if there is any way to remove it off the admin CP aswell?
  15. Hi there, I just got my site setup on 4.3, and now it keeps asking me to update. I do not want to update as when I tried using 4.4 the site wouldnt work with our host for whatever reason, something on their end i think because 4.3 worked just fine. so, is there anyway I can hide this message or get rid of it so it stops showing up everywhere thanks https://gyazo.com/a05bb4d81d5e3ce46509b0c8068e4e9b