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  1. It's a pop-up that asks for a password. Then it takes me to the regular login screen which is not a pop-up. I checked htaccess and don't see any passwords.
  2. So for some reason, when I login to the ACP, it asks me twice for my login credentials. The first time is actually a different password than the password used to just login to the forum. I don't have 2FA enabled so I'm not sure why it's asking for 2 passwords. This isn't a problem for me, but now other members who want to access the ACP can't because they can't get past the first login. I just want to know how to disable this. I've gone to System->Settings->Two Factor Authentication. Everything is disabled. Nothing is required. So I'm out of options and I was wondering if anyone has a solution?
  3. I'll use the one that allows people to login with their Discord account. Perhaps foster will later update it to add more role syncing and ability to post on discord when a new topic or thread is created in the forum.
  4. I was wondering which discord login handler WF recommends to be used for IPS 4.3? There are two that are posted - Rich Discord and the Discord Login Handler by Davlin.
  5. I would like to request this app. If someone has already paid for the old version, I can pay the renewal fee.
  6. It seems downgrading the PHP version from 7.2 to 7.1 did the trick!
  7. The tutorial I'm following is listed as #5 in the references above. Yes, I'm using php 7.2. I'll see if I can downgrade.
  8. I'm doing this on a fresh install of IPS with no third-party applications or plugins. The dev tools version is 4.2.7 which is the same version as my forum.
  9. I created a fresh installation of my nulled version of IPS 4.2.7 [1] and then added the appropriate Developer Tools [2]. I have used these instructions to enable Developer Mode in my forum [3]. After having followed the instructions and added `define( 'IN_DEV', TRUE );` to my constants.php file I tried to access my website's AdminCP but then this error was shown: I hope someone can help me resolve this problem, because it holds me back from developing in IPS. Thanks! References: [1] (where I got the IPS 4.2.7 from) [2] (where I got the dev tools from) [3] (Instructions on enabling dev mode) [4] (Hello world example app) [5] (The tutorial I'm following for creating an app)
  10. OMG!! I found what the issue was. The ftp server I was connecting to was the wrong one! I recently upgraded my VPS server, so they changed the ip address but forgot to update the DNS servers to point to that ip address. This means all the files I've been uploading this whole time were to another server and that's why it was saying there's nothing to upgrade since literally there isn't! Everything works guys, sorry for all the trouble!
  11. Ok, I'll try to reupload all files from 4.2.4 a fourth time, but I'm not sure if it will yield any different results as I haven't done anything different. There was no .htaccess in the admin folder to begin with.
  12. I don't have a .htaccess in the forum/admin folder but I do have it in the forum/ folder. You're saying to delete that? Edit: I made a backup of .htaccess, deleted it and re-ran upgrade process but it still gives me the same message as above.
  13. So I did something dumb and listened to one of the "recommendations" in the "Security" section of the AdminCP. This recommendation was to have two passwords for the AdminCP. I can still login no problem. That isn't the issue. Ever since I've done this, I've been unable to upgrade from 4.2.2 to 4.2.4. I did disable the two-factor authentication but it still asks me to login twice each time. I've uploaded all files from the 4.2.4 (webflake) but it says that there is nothing to update: I've had no problems with upgrades before and have always used the webflake releases. I've just somehow gotten stuck at 4.2.2. My host is Shinjiru and I don't use https. So if someone knows how to disable this double login for ACP or have any other ideas, let me know. I'll send money ($25 USD) via paypal to the person who can figure it out. Thanks