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  1. Download Link

    Okay tyvm.
  2. What Browser do you guys use?

    FireFox is the best.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    How to play on mobile devices? Tap the screen to shoot at enemies How to play in the browser Move the mouse cursor to aim and start to click for firing at the enemy. Collect coins and upgrade turrets Features The game works on all popular browsers Easy export to Android and IOS platforms Very easy customization, reskin Cocoon + Ads Supported Including Constuct 2 file (.capx ? all source) AdMob! Mobile control Easy to use Nice graphics Upgrade system You can embed the game on the frames html5 Tap and mouse control The ability to change the location of the on-screen buttons and their size ADS quick start!!! File includes Images Sounds Project file Construct 2 HTML5 ADS cocoon plugin logo 16-550px Quick start DOCUMENTATION TEST IT
  4. Change Groups Color

    1. Admin CP >Members > Groups > YourGroup> 2. Change " Group Formatting" to "Use HTML" 3. Group Formatting <strong><span style="color: red;background:url(;"> Group Name </span></strong> or Use Color Note: Change the color <strong><span style="color: red;background:url(;"> Here the effect: Another way is use html, <strong><font color="HTML Color">Group Name</font></strong> HTML Colors
  5. Download Link

    Hey, can i use an other download link like a direct link from my webhost or do i have to use webfakes one?
  6. 321 Membership

    Version 1.0.0


    321 Membership is a PHP application that allows website owners to quickly add a powerful, fast and highly customizable user login or membership area to their website. Whether you want to build a login area for your users or clients, a private membership area or a powerful web application, network or platform – 321 Membership is the perfect basis for your projects. The application is super fast, powerful and comes with great features such as user registration, password recovery, user profiles with avatar and powerful admin features to manage all users. It can be super easily customized to perfectly fit all your requirements and can be installed within 30 seconds by just uploading the files to your hosting – that’s it. Within just a few seconds, you have your own powerful login and membership area that you can use to build any kind of login area, membership platform or network. All Features: - Powerful user login, membership and user management application - Unlimited users - User Login - User Registration - Password recovery (“Forgot password”-function) - User profiles with username and avatar - User roles (e.g. “User”, “Staff”, “Admin”) - Powerful admin panel (Manage settings and users) - Super easy to customize - 30 second installation (just upload – that’s it) - Fully responsive for mobile devices - Easily translatable (just one language file containing all texts) - Just requires PHP > 5.3, PDO and SQLite or MySQL Compatible Browsers: - IE10 - IE11 - Firefox - Safari - Opera - Chrome - Edge LIVE DEMO Demo Login: E-Mail: [email protected] Password: admin Note: some admin features are disabled in the demo
  7. Donation Tiers and Perks

    Thats bad lol. Not everyone can spend money. Thats why we are lookinf for nulled scripts cuz we cant buy the scripts LOL