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    Works perfect. Tested on 1.5.11
    Installation was without problems. Works perfect, Tyvm for sharing.
  1. Topic Template System

    Version 2.2.2


    Component Topic Template System 2.2.2 for IP.Board 3.4.x allows you to customize the theme template to create that, users will be required to fill in all required fields. Flexible configuration of the component!
  2. I have already tested this, but somehow it does not work.
  3. Got it working. Works perfect.
  4. Background Music

    Version 1.0.0


    Plugin play's music in the background. Tested and works fine.
  5. Tested it on 5 differetnt web servern and it dont work. This is the error im getting "Error Processing Request"
  6. Hey, is there a way to add a custom php script, like a server status. This is what i want to add <?php $array_gms = array( '1,<font color=#363030>FREE</font>' ); for($i = 0; $i < count($array_gms); $i++){ $ExpInfos = explode(',', $array_gms[$i]); $ArrDados = mysql_query("SELECT `zoneid` FROM `point` WHERE `uid`='".$ExpInfos[0]."' AND `zoneid` > 0"); if(mysql_num_rows($ArrDados) <= 0) $status = '<font color="red">Offline</font>'; else $status = '<font color="green">In-Game</font>'; echo ' '.trim($ExpInfos[1]).' '.$status; if($i != count($array_gms)) echo ''; } ?> I have tried it already with a custom block and raw php.
  7. As I already wrote already does not work. This is the version 2.3, the method does not work as at 2.2.
  8. Hey, i dont know if this is the right place. Is there someone who have the nulled version of Sngine 2.3 or maybe someone know how get this one to work xD This version is not nulled.
    Getting "Error Processing Request" . Can someone update this pls?
  9. Is there a updated version. Webflake how about to share the updated version?
  10. Okay tyvm.
  11. FireFox is the best.
  12. 1. Admin CP >Members > Groups > YourGroup> 2. Change " Group Formatting" to "Use HTML" 3. Group Formatting <strong><span style="color: red;background:url(;"> Group Name </span></strong> or Use Color Note: Change the color <strong><span style="color: red;background:url(;"> Here the effect: Another way is use html, <strong><font color="HTML Color">Group Name</font></strong> HTML Colors