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  1. 1. Problem you are having? changing logo / background / brandingwrapper2. What you were doing when the problem occured? changed logo3. What version of IP.B are you running? 3.4.x4. Who is your web hosting provider? Temok5. What is your board URL? (you can send it via PM) If needed i can PM it 6. Where did you download the Mod/Hook? (answer on this question if you are having the problem with mods or hooks. N/A7. What did you try to solve the problem? N/A - Not sure where to start on this in particular8. Picture/Video of the problem: 1st picture: https://ibb.co/naUHCa2nd picture: https://ibb.co/geKvyF10. What username and password can we use to see the problem? N/A___________________________________________________________________________Hi i have an problem, i need to add new logo like this: first picturebut now my logo shows like this: see second picturealso i need that search box to be same way like first picture. I am using that same theme. eClassic Black Skin v1.0any helps?
  2. Hi. How i can move that search box?, i have new theme installed, and soon after i upped new logo, that search box moved out.
  3. Need that logo for 


    1. Gh0st1337


      Any idea how to change that logo? 


  4. Hello, I am looking working game server list app or plugin for 3.4.9. Tested out what i have been founded here but they dont work. Any change get newer or something which will work, thanks.
    Wrong version and non-english version + it will cause fatal error in database when deleting. Need to hard delete. Do not use this in 3.4.9version.
    Didnt get it to work. Well rss feed worked but not basic image (not from forums). Or then i installed it wrong... idk where that fcontent packet should place?
  5. i use donation tracker...also basic donation (paypal) button XD.
  6. Five finger death punch - wrong side of heaven What you eat atm?
  7. Broken middle finger 8years ago..
  8. Specs: Motherboard - 1150LG Processor - i5-4460 quad @ 3.8Ghz Graphics - XFX RX480 8Gb x2 @ 16Gb RAM - 32Gb 1600Mhz DDR3 *dual channel* Storage - 3Tb barracuda HDD SSD - 2Tb samsungSSD Case - some pizzabox XD Cooling - Water/Liquid Cable Management - Wrapped in tape + clue XD Operating System -Win10pro 64-bit OEM legit one.
  9. Gh0st1337


    hidemyhost.com or alibabahost.com use godaddy like nameservers only XD
  10. Gh0st1337

    Windows 10

    simple answer: win10...period.
  11. "Next beer is on me"...best friend... i drank his money and offered pizza later XD
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