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  1. Hello. Where i can find this footer in footer: IPB skin by IPBFocus??... i checked previus posts about this and searched and tested all and no luck... i use Navia theme and i want remove that footer..people says it can be done after install it or before...i dont want to install it again, because there is plenty of changes atm for it. other themes it can be founded by global template but mine aint...helps? picture what i see in global template:
  2. Background problem

    Sended pm, and version is 3.8.X not 3.4.X my mistake sorry.
  3. Background problem

    Hi. i have an little issue with War theme 3.4.x version. i maded new background for it and removed old one, but some pages still shows an old background even it´s deleted from server. How i can fix it? like wrap whole background everypage?´s image so you guys know whats the issue:
  4. Hello, I am looking working game server list app or plugin for 3.4.9. Tested out what i have been founded here but they dont work. Any change get newer or something which will work, thanks.
  5. (GS34) Server List

    Wrong version and non-english version + it will cause fatal error in database when deleting. Need to hard delete. Do not use this in 3.4.9version.
  6. Hello. I request The Most Advanced Skin 3.4.x that version which will work on 3.4.9 version. Big thanks for ahead.
  7. The Most Advanced Skin

    Oh okay. my bad, i thinked that this goes straight into support section. i am sorry about.I will move this to requests, this topic can be closed.
  8. The Most Advanced Skin

    Well aint this an support area?
  9. The Most Advanced Skin

    Hello. How to get this MAXXX The Most Advanced Skin 3.4.x to get working on 3.4.9 version?
  10. (BIM34) Featured Content

    Didnt get it to work. Well rss feed worked but not basic image (not from forums). Or then i installed it wrong... idk where that fcontent packet should place?
  11. IPB 3.4.X warrior theme background

    Which part of it? above is the code which is in ipb_styles.css.... still not working.
  12. Hello. can anyone help me out... i wondering how get that background stay like "stationary" so when scroll down it will stay place and not scroll with. code: ipb_styles.css: body { background-color: #000; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: top center; background-attachment: fixed; color: #a8a8a8; font: normal 12px "lucida grande", "lucida sans unicode", arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif; position: relative; padding-bottom: 20px; } There is that "fixed" but still background comes along when scroll...what i am doing wrong?
  13. Hi. Does anyone have an update for this:[DR] Live Streams 1.0.1?.... some reason all videos gives "failed to load video"
  14. Battlefield theme

    Hello. I am looking battlefield theme. No matter if it looks like BF3 / BF4 or newest battlefield.
  15. Hello i am looking hook/addon which can make intergration via website. Or actually i am looking for Battlefield 3 & 4 Battlelog Profile Integration hook or addon. If possible also battlefield 1 too.