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  1. I've been trying out different ones for over a decade and I always migrate back to IPS because it's just so damn polished. Nothing feels "out of place" and the Admin CP doesn't look like someone threw it together in 2001 and just left it. The built-in search functions on the user-facing and admin stuff is pretty great too.
  2. Canada over here! It's a pretty neat place.
  3. Huh. This is a good way to screw around with and test services I wouldn't normally play around with. Hope this isn't necroposting but I'm actually sort of excited to dive in. Thanks!
  4. Welcome! I forgot I made an account here so I'm taking it in all in aaaall over again.
  5. The only thing I know about it is that they keep sending me password reset emails, and I've never played the damn thing.