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  1. I think it is not possible, because it is a "text shadow" (I may be wrong)
  2. Ok, I'll try to explain to you; Specify element in the category that you want to be formatted Example: Choose which forum you will do this process: (Copy the number, in case, this is 108.) After copying, open AdminCP (in your forum) Open the themes tab, and click to edit html and css in the specific theme Open custom.css and add the code: [data-forumid="108"]>div.ipsDataItem_main>.ipsDataItem_title>a { color:red;font-weight: bold; } The bold, color part, you customize the way you want it
  3. Do you want the code for a specific category or for all?
  4. The correct one now would be your the 5 And you the 6 -------- me: 7