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  1. Hey there from Sydney, Australia

    Glad you made it ! Everything in Australia is trying to kill you!
  2. Offshore Hosting

    Thanks man ! Just checked it , it has the best plan offer so far ! Does it has DMCA ignore ?
  3. Offshore Hosting

    Oh ok then . . Thanks! I will speak to (big) Ben!!
  4. Offshore Hosting

    Just checked the sharkserve .The basic plan doesn't have DMCA ignore!! (I want a basic plan for the moment). So i think i am gonna try webcare360.
  5. Offshore Hosting

    Oh sorry , i didnt mean to advertise their site or something.. I've discovered myself long time ago that they are a bit of .. hmm.. lets say weirdos over there Anyway I was searching for a proper offshore host i came across this and wanted a second opinion So, Thanks .
  6. Offshore Hosting

    Hello guys, So i am searching all around to find some good offshore hosting plans, and yet i have come with this list : Shinjiru - http://shinjiru.com/ CCIHosting - http://www.ccIHosting.com/ PanamaServer - https://www.panamaserver.com/ NERELLIGENT - http://netelligent.ca warez-host - http://warez-host.com/ Kimsufi - https://kimsufi.com semayra - https://semayra.com/...ore-hosting.php webcare360 - https://webcare360.com/ Can anyone confirm that they are good or suggest something else ?
  7. FontAwesome Forum Icons

    Can those icons be colorful like this ?
  8. In that case I will have a rum and coca cola

  9. IPS 4.2 How do I insert icons in Menu?

    Thanks, but in that topic the second comment which has a post that i would like to read comes with this message.
  10. Hello guys, Do anyone know how can i insert icons to the Menu Title? Like on the picture below .
  11. If you get caught

    Can you suggest any ?
  12. If you get caught

    Good to know guys ! Thanks ! I am building my site and i had some seconds thoughts , but now i know
  13. If you get caught

    Oh just like i thought.. So an offshore server would be great i think .. But what are the chances ?!
  14. If you get caught

    Hey guys, So i was wondering what if someone get caught by IPB or by the host ? What's the worst thing they can do to you ?
  15. How to setup Facebook

    i keep getting this error any help will be appriciated