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  1. error google adsense

    now I get it,Solved, thank you
  2. error google adsense

    so if this status It will not work?
  3. error google adsense

    I can not put ads on my forum,I can, only,the ad is white. I want to put Google Adsense
  4. warning gives error

    There is no other way besides updating?
  5. warning gives error

    This setting is not there,do not have permissions settings there
  6. warning gives error

    members in my forum fail to recognize the warning.They may not recognize that.Version 4.1. she says: You are not allowed to do this This happens when a member attempts to recognize the warning when I try to access the page, as well as administrator
  7. embed youtube

    sorted out thanks
  8. embed youtube

    Version 4.1
  9. embed youtube

    some sites in my forum are not incorporating, help. being them:youtube,facebook