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  1. Hi how can I fix this problem? tIPS\Db\Exception: Table 'performance_schema.session_variables' doesn't exist (1146)#0 /var/www/forum/system/Helpers/Form/Editor.php(161): IPS\_Db->query('SHOW VARIABLES ...')#1 /var/www/forum/system/CustomField/CustomField.php(754): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Editor->__construct('core_pfield_1', NULL, 0, Array, NULL, NULL, NULL, 'core_pfield_1_e...')#2 /var/www/forum/applications/core/sources/ProfileFields/Field.php(197): IPS\_CustomField->buildHelper(NULL)#3 /var/www/forum/applications/core/modules/admin/members/members.php(63): IPS\core\ProfileFields\_Field::fields(Array, 2)#4 /var/www/forum/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\core\modules\admin\members\_members->manage()#5 /var/www/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()#6 /var/www/forum/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()#7 {main}
  2. Yes, understand you can only one be deleted and the other to be changed (edit) for example forum/{#id}-{?} if I delete this topic/{#id}-{?} I will have to change that or vice versa
  3. to understand how this can be eliminated /topic as I have removed (delete) /forum and works how do i remove (delete) /topic and work , or it can not be deleted?
  4. I did them but gives me that this page does not exist
  5. from the admin pane delete topic/ ..?
  6. test agen you can look for me on skype if you use it skype: linux_bg- I have a problem when I try to remove it , and stay alone
  7. get it and everything works, and how can I change the titles , I want to remove /48- and to do the following is it possible to do so?
  8. 10х this is good, but can the links of the topics change, the idea is to write them in Cyrillic...
  9. you just need to download a pluging or a theme that supports mobile versions (responsive them, or gallery responsiv )
  10. you just need to download a pluging or a theme that supports mobile versions (responsive tamplate ,puging aplication)
  11. Hello I want to ask whether the link can look like this (ok) / Not like that (no ok) hat is, there is an opportunity to remove that thing forum/48-topics... 10x!!!!