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  1. I want to translate genetic links example Spanish: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/452477-multiple-copies-of-digest/ I want to change to this https://invisioncommunity.com/foro/tema/452477-multiple-copies-of-digest/ https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9403-crankychips/ https://invisioncommunity.com/archivos/archivo/9403-crankychips/ Can anybody help me?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will give more power to the ignore posts feature: it will disallow ignored members from replying in topics where the author is ignoring them. Requirement: User must be ignoring POSTS from other members
  3. Version 4.4.0


    This plugin will modify the output so that the banned users appear in the forum with their name scratched like this. This is a small plugin to improve viewing of banned users. I always missed this feature on the platform. I have been using it for some time in my community and now it's free for everyone here.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Sharing the love ? ... This is the first of many FREE apps provided by GT Services. Troubleshooting member's account is what we do on a daily basis. Oftentimes, you Sign in as member to see what they are seeing. To do this, you normally log in to your Admin Control Panel and run a search for the member. Open their account and click Account Actions > Sign In as That's a lot of steps. What's worse is that sometimes the search feature in Admin Control Panel is not successful (eg. special characters in username). All of this takes up a lot of time. Time is money. I'm a strong believer that Admins should be focused on building relationships and/or new content. Because of this we created an easier way for Admins to "LogIn as XYZ User". It's a simple link provided to Admins with the proper permissions so they can Sign In As XYZ User via a member's Profile page. Not available anywhere else - just in Profiles. No settings. Just install. More FREE apps coming soon... (The more LIKES we get the more free apps we will make available.)
  5. Version 1.2


    When you use the search functionality (which encompasses search and streams), the ENTIRE content item text for each matching item is returned on the page. Which may be a stunningly large amount of text. All of it. For each item. For both search results and stream results, after all that text has arrived and the page has fully loaded, a javascript controller is then applied. For search results, the javascript finds the matching search term/s in the content, highlights those terms, and then provides a snippet of text before and after. All well and good and working as intended. Streams, which is just search results based on non-term-based queries, the javascript applied is only truncating all of that text down to two or three lines of text. That's it. It would be awfully wonderful if this truncation happened before dumping all this text to the page... I can't help much with search results without handling the finding-the-match-in-the-text stuff, but for STREAM results, I got this. This lets you set a limit of words kicked out to the page per content item. From 50 to 500. Now, with a massively LESS amount of text getting pushed to the stream pages only to get truncated via javascript, stream pages will be MUCH faster. Note that the truncate function on stream pages is still being applied. The advantage here is not loading the page with so much unnecessary text to just be truncated. Stream page items may truncate down to two OR three lines. Recommend leaving the word setting at 100 at least. Adjust as needed for font sizes, and so on, and such forth... English language tested. Yell at me if this breaks Russian or whatever and I can take a look but don't expect instant results.
  6. To get an Apple Card, users will be able to sign up on their iPhone in the Apple Wallet app and get a digital card that they can use anywhere Apple Pay is accepted “within minutes.” Customers will also be able to track purchases, check balances, and see when their bill is due right from the app. There will be a physical titanium card, too, but there’s no credit card number, CVV, expiration date, or signature. All of that authorization information is stored directly in the Apple Wallet app. Apple Card está grabado en titanio, no cuenta con un número de serie, firma y tampoco con numero CVV. Todo esto es para tener una tarjeta segura, pues toda transacción será digitalizada y privada. Para diferenciarse solo encontraremos el nombre del portador, el chip de seguridad y el logo de Apple. Incluirá también una versión digital que forma parte del servicio (también llamado) Apple Card. La numeración será almacenada de forma segura y la introducción de clave PIN estará reemplazada por Touch ID y Face ID. Apple also says that it’ll use machine learning and Apple Maps to label stores that you use in the app, and use that data to track purchases across categories like “food and drink” or “shopping.” Instead of a points-based reward program, Apple Card gives cash back rewards in the form of Daily Cash, which is applied straight to your Apple Card to spend or put toward your purchases. Apple is offering 2 percent cash back on purchases made through Apple Pay using an Apple Card, and purchases from Apple will get 3 percent cash back. Purchases made through the physical card will get just 1 percent cash back, though. As rumored, Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs for Apple Card, with Mastercard handling payment processing. Additionally, the company is promising that there will be “no late fees, no annual fees, no international fees, and no over limit fees” with the Apple Card and “lower interest rates” with no penalties for missing payments, with APR rates ranging from 13.24 percent to 24.24 percent based on credit. (The company also notes that “late or missed payments will result in additional interest accumulating toward the customer’s balance.”) Like many of Apple’s products, privacy is a big push here. “Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it, and how much you paid for it,” said Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay. All of the spending tracking and other information is stored directly on the device, not Apple’s servers. The company also promises that “Goldman Sachs will never sell your data to third parties for marketing and advertising.”
  7. TRebol334

    Division 2

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  8. To change the width of the author panel (the left column in every post with the author's avatar, username, etc), add the following to custom.css and adjust the 200pxvalue. :root{ --author-pane-width: 200px; }
  9. Dimension's background is controlled by the color's defined under the Background Picker tab, but with a semi-transparent white overlay on top. This essentially makes the background colour of your site a very light shade of your header colour. To change the colour to something else, add the following to custom.css .background-overlay{ background: none; } ..and edit the colours under the Background Picker theme tab.
  10. TRebol334

    Magnum Theme

    Version 4.1.9


    Version 4.1.9 IPS 4.3 support. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Some settings have been deprecated on this version for example, ( Body background attachment, Hiding social links on header and footer,). Updated SwiperSlider to latest version. Color settings for ipsMenu "Drop-Down menus" has been separated from navigation menu colors, These color settings are in Front-End tab by titles like ( ipsMenu background, ipsMenu background hover, ...etc ). Added ( Color overlay ) effect setting for swiperslider. Added a toggle to show/hide settings related to body background image. All Pages templates for the Slider, Footer, News Ticker has been updated and changed in this version. installation and using them are well explained in the theme setting when you try to enable it ? Some colors of the white & dark version of the theme has have been changed, You can take a look at demo pages to check the changes. If you haven't customized theme colors then please use the Palette feature to take the updated colors, Simply click on the white or dark options (whichever the one you use) and save ? Remember this options will revert and replace ALL your color settings with default colors. don't use it if you have customized theme color settings.
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