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We are aware that various functions may not be working correctly, or missing entirely.
Please use our Bug Tracker and Suggestions Tracker to help us with this transition.

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  1. Release Notes Tutorial

    Great guide that still works with 4.2
  2. Project Manager

    bump can anyone help?
  3. Forms 1.2.0

    bump can anyone help?
  4. group legend 1.2.4

    Much Better - thanks
  5. group legend 1.2.4

    im having the same issue and it doesnt appear to list the widget - i already done the above to it and still at same issue
  6. Project Manager

    Hi could i request project manager please URL - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8456-project-manager/ Thanks
  7. Forms 1.2.0

    Hi Could i request the latest form application - https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7606-forms/ Thanks
  8. Last to post wins!

    still at it
  9. Last to post wins!

    worth another shot! , when does this end?
  10. hi i was wondering if theres a way to show the forum description before the sub forums shown? (using titan theme) thanks
  11. Hi Is there a way to separate the sticky topics from the normal topics similar to vbulletin within IPB 4.2 using the titan skin? Thanks
  12. Last to post wins!

    too late i already had them hehe sending u the 2nd batch
  13. IPB Feature Plan

    is this the only change? would love to see the updated guide cookie ( if possible could the bugs and suggestions guide be posted? ) much appreciated
  14. Last to post wins!

    mmmm cookies
  15. What is you PC Specs?

    Motherboard - Intel Core i7 Processor - AMD Graphics - 2047MB AMD RAM - 12GB DDR 3 Storage - 1 TB Seagate Case - Sony Vaio Operating System - Windows 10 Professional 64bit