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  1. Version 4.3.6


    Dit is een Nederlandstalig taalbestand voor IPS Community Suite 4 en bevat de vertaling voor de volgende onderdelen: Systeem Conversies Forum Kalender Galerij Pages Blogs Downloads Aanmeldings Logboek 2.1.2 Leden Kaart 3.5.1 Geavanceerde Tags & Prefixes 3.1.10 Automatisch welkom 2.5.4 Bim Chatbox 3.1.1 Zowel de front-end als back-end werd volledig vertaald voor deze onderdelen. Installatie instructies Log in op het AdminCP controlepaneel Ga naar 'Customization' --> 'Languages' Klik op 'Create New' en selecteer de tab 'Upload' Selecteer het gedownloade bestand en klik op 'Save' Upgrade instructies Log in op het AdminCP controlepaneel Ga naar 'Aanpassingen' --> 'Talen' Klik rechts van 'Nederlands' op het pijltje dat naar beneden wijst om het vervolgmenu te openen Klik op 'Upload nieuwe versie' Selecteer het gedownloade bestand en klik op 'Opslaan' This is the Dutch translation file for IPS Community Suite 4 and contains translations for: System Converters Forum Calendar Gallery Pages Blogs Downloads Login logs 2.1.2 Member Map 3.5.1 Advanced Tags & Prefixes 3.1.10 Auto Welcome 2.5.4 Bim Chatbox 3.1.1 Front-end and back-end are fully translated. Installation instructions Log into the ACP Go to 'Customization' --> 'Languages' Click on 'Create New' and select the tab 'Upload' Select the downloaded file and click on 'Save' Release opmerkingen Het taalbestand bevat geen formeel taalgebruik, dit betekend dat de Jij/je vorm is toegepast. Er is geen vertaling van Commerce.

    Work perfectly, there are 3 files in this zip. One for IPS 4.1.x, one for IPS 4.2.x and one for IPS 4.3.x
    Work well again in IPS 4.3.x
  2. Someone who has Auto Welcome 2.5.4 for IPS 4.3
  3. Someone who has Login Logs 2.1.2 for IPS 4.3?
  4. When I look at the templates I see the code for snow.
  5. Special holiday effects By toggling a switch in your theme settings, you can enable special effects to celebrate events throughout the year including Christmas, New Years, Halloween and Valentines. The same also applies to the following themes, e.g. villian, uniform, Elegant, Titan, Carbon etc, etc. But where can I find that switch?
  6. @Bim the author of the chatbox plugin knows about it, and he says ' It's a known bug and will be fixed in the next 3.1.1 version. ' The solution for now is to go back to chatbox version 3.0.2
  7. Do you really use chatbox version 3.1.1? This was a known problem in version 3.1.0 and would be solved in version 3.1.1
  8. You can e.g. 'member map' and 'awards' replace to the more map. Go to your ACP-system-menu manager-and drag the 2 folders to more. After that, do not forget to press the 'publish this menu' button
  9. Do you have a backup before the update, to put it back?
  10. When I look at your site, I get the following message, [[Template core/front/global/globalTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] It looks like your theme is out of date. Can you still come into your ACP and restore the default theme?