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  1. Custom Profile Tab Storage

    This is a custom tab. I know that there is already a warning system or ban system. But the bans I want to add there aren't from forums. Read my post again. All I want is a feed with that format, so members can fill it everytime they get those information. After filled, a Staff will mark it as Dirty or Clean.
  2. EasyPopup doesn't work

    Thanks, I didn't find it in admin panel, that's why I thought it wasn't working lol. I just found it in the customization tab. Please close this.
  3. Custom Profile Tab Storage

    Here I come again lol. Well, my question is. How can I make a custom profile tab like this: And how can I add to that tab a custom form like this so members can fill and post in that tab: After filling and posting then it will look like Where the check boxes can be selected by moderators only. Is it possible?
  4. EasyPopup doesn't work

    Can someone tell me if it works since it doesn't for me.
  5. BIMChat emoticons problems

    Nevermind, I uploaded emojis manually. Close this.
  6. BIMChat emoticons problems

    Is there something I can use to have those emojis?
  7. Userbars per group

    It works, thank you. Please close this.
  8. Userbars per group

    It's add the group in text, not the image.
  9. BIMChat emoticons problems

    I'm using BIMchat but for some reason I got this problem. Also, I'm using a plugin for those emojis.
  10. Easy Popup

    Doesn't work in
  11. Userbars per group

    I was wrong. I have