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  1. What do you mean? I'm just asking if you can help us with the import_images problem.
  2. Did you get it?
  3. Someone?
  4. Check my thread, I had that problem.
  5. Behemoth responsive Well, I have a question. I'm using the Behemoth theme and it has a slider. For some reason the header and slider fits to different resolutions like the following screenshot: But the forums doesn't fit to different resolutions: So, is there a way to make it fit to different resolutions?
  6. Welcome to the house
  7. Welcome
  8. (GS) Player Panel [AMX Mod X] 1.0.0 REQUEST Thanks
  9. I sent it to you again.
  10. That's what I do everytime there is a color that I don't want. But this time it doesn't show me anything.
  11. Behemoth theme with serverlist (table problem) Well, here I come again lol. I installed months ago the (GS) Serverlist 3.0.4 I don't had problems with my last theme with the colors of the widget. But now that I installed the Behemoth theme, I got this: It's not supposed to be white.Maybe it should be something like this: 2 colors.
  12. I sent it to you.