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  1. (GS) Player Panel [AMX Mod X]

    Seems to be not working.
  2. It is supposed to be like that and my point is not the "automation". I'm talking about the "Reason" when giving the award. I have configured a default giving reason for each Award but it's not working when the rules application gives the award. I have to say that this is not an error. It is an update problem. The project manager of the Rules Application told me that it's an issue from the new update of iAwards Application and it has to be fixed from the iAward Application. However I want to see if someone here can fix it.
  3. Hi, We are Using iAwards with Automation Rules, and we are running into this issue: Every time an automatic rule is implemented and an award is given to a member the reason shows " No reason provided. ". however if we manually giving the awards the reason shows. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks
  4. IPS 4.2 iAwards Pane Setting

    Thank you so much!
  5. IPS 4.2 iAwards Pane Setting

    You are right, I have the 4.1 version since that's the one in this website and I couldn't find the newest version.
  6. IPS 4.2 iAwards Pane Setting

    I installed the iAwards system in my forum. When I enabled "Pane Display Settings" to disaply it under the poster it doesn't show up.
  7. BIM chatbox problem

    Thanks, deleting the .htaccess worked.
  8. BIM chatbox problem

    I know I have to read, and I did set 777 permission for a test as well. However I have same problem.
  9. BIM chatbox problem

    Well, I just installed the BIM chatbox and when I press "settings" I get this:
  10. Group Color on User Link 10

    Thank you, it works!
  11. Hello :)