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  1. Hello from Poland

    Welcome there!
  2. As always you deserve a lot of cookies. It worked.
  3. As I said, I got error when I do it manually.
  4. No, I did the upgrade to 4.2.5 but it's the same thing. Also, I have to add that I'm getting this since I updated to 4.2 in my admin panel. I don't know if it has some relation. I did the task manually but I got error doing it.
  5. Same problem after upgrade
  6. I'm having a issue with 4.2.1. It's duplicanting members after I make an change on a member.
  7. Weird member duplication bug

    I'm having same problem in 4.2.1
  8. Support Team Addition

  9. Hi All

    Welcome to Webflake!
  10. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8509-gs-player-panel-amx-mod-x/ Anyone?
  11. Behemoth theme copyright

    @SOilRa I tested it and it worked. You have to delete your browser cache.