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  1. Thank you, I think I got the needed answer.
  2. I know but I meant the "custom job offer".
  3. Can you be direct? I don't get you lol.
  4. Well I hope someone can help me out.
  5. Custom Field Verification Hi, I'm trying to add a custom field for profiles but I want to my forum to check if the value in the field is already in use. For example: If I have "Apple" in my custom profile field it can't be used by other member.
  6. @Morpheus where should I put it? By the way, the picture in my first post is fake, I made it as example.
  7. The check I want is, moderators ONLY can select the boxes Dirty or Clean when the member has posted 1 demo status. For example. I will add to my timeline a new demo. I fill it with the name, ban link and proof link. Then I press "add" After added, it will be there with the information that I filled but with 2 additional boxes that I mentioned already that will be selected ONLY by a moderator+ Actually it doesn't need a SQL connection or something like that. Thanks for the answer.
  8. This is a custom tab. I know that there is already a warning system or ban system. But the bans I want to add there aren't from forums. Read my post again. All I want is a feed with that format, so members can fill it everytime they get those information. After filled, a Staff will mark it as Dirty or Clean.
  9. Anyone?