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  1. after migration host icons forum dissapear.
  2. @Christhopher backup your forum folder and your database. Upload your forum folder into the htdocs folder. Go to your phpmyadm and import the database that you backed up. Open the file conf_global.php search the url of your forum, you will probably be http://localhost/forum change through the new url, save and done.
  3. @RRRIKARDO I found 2 here in the forum
  4. Add Message before the First post Preview Well this tutorial I did to assist a Member, so come on. AdminCP >> Skin Theme >> Edit Html & Css >> search for topic in forums/front/topics/ and search for <div data-controller='core.front.core.commentFeed,forums.front.topic.view, core.front.core.ignoredComments' {{if settings.auto_polling_enabled}}data-autoPoll{{endif}} data-baseURL='{$topic->url()}' {{if $topic->isLastPage() and !$topic->isQuestion()}}data-lastPage{{endif}} data-feedID='topic-{$topic->tid}' class='cTopic ipsClear ipsSpacer_top'> {{if $topic->isQuestion() && $question}} <div class='ipsAreaBackground ipsPad'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead ipsType_reset ipsSpacer_bottom'>{lang="question_title"}</h2> {template="postContainer" group="topics" app="forums" params="$topic, $question, $votes, 'cPostQuestion'"} </div> Add above this: <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_error'> Make a constructive comment. </div> You can also change the Styles of messages. Warning <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_warning'> Make a constructive comment. </div> Success <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_success'> Make a constructive comment. </div> Information <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_information'> Make a constructive comment. </div>
  5. I think I would get away from the idea of the forum, but every idea is welcome, thank you for your idea.
  6. I think it's in the wrong area, my friend, this is only for direct support of IPS products, but being honest and I could not understand your doubt.
  7. it is difficult for someone to help you if we do not have the theme in question, make the theme available if possible. or this
  8. Hi, welcome to webflake, be happy here.
  9. now I got it right, sorry, I thought you were asking for the license after the upgrade, but it's during, sorry, disregard the above message.
  10. Do you have a backup of the bank before you upgrade? if you have to do it again. Create a folder inside your directory and move all the files there, minus the files, conf_global.php and upload folder. Upload your files IPS4.2.4 and tray again upgrade.
  11. in localhost I do not know how to help you, perhaps increasing the execution limit in php.ini but this is just a speculation
  12. this problem usually occurs in localhost, but it happened to me also in online hosting, it is because of the server's slowness, it takes so long to respond that the limit exceeded, contact your hosting and report that you are experiencing problems of slowness.