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  1. only the post does not know if it is possible, I do not know, I only know what I said above.
  2. Board Life Status

    Version 1.1.1


    About This File This plugin will add board startup date and age at the bottom of the board index, age updates in realtime. What's New in Version 1.1.1 Released September 7 Compatibility update for IPS 4.2
  3. I did not understand, did you just want to answer the topics?
  4. I understand, well it seems that the person has reversed the reputation, or know what happened, thank you for the comments, especially your @Isabel, can give as solved @Lady C.
  5. AdminCP >> Members >> Groups >> Select Group Edit >> Content Tab >> search for Posting Limits Maximum content items (posts, comments, etc.) uncheck Unlimited and insert value of limites per day.
  6. Lack of respect for the work of others, this is the complaint, I'm always here helping what I know, I do because I like it, I had a great job cleaning the net yesterday behind a Plugin for a member, I upload here and there someone comes and give me negative reputation in my upload, is that right?
  7. You can also go to System >> Support - Something is not working.Keep in mind that this may be a bug in the IPS version you use, have you tried installing earlier versions and doing some testing? did you use the previous version? if yes, did it work correctly?
  8. Some other Administrator may be manually validating the account. You can also go to System >> Support - Something is not working properly.
  9. I did not understand your question, limit what? what kind of limits.
  10. @Davlin @Saviour I think this is a lack of respect, I've been here for some time, I try to help those who need it, not because I get paid or something of the genre, but because I like it, a while ago I made a comment about Chatbox being removed , and I lost all my reputation points besides being negative, I mean that I can not give my opinion that will remove my reputation? I stayed with the negative reputation, a lot of disrespect for the opinion of others, but okay, I was silent on mine, now I spent the day yesterday behind the content for a member, I found, I had the job of adding it to the marketplace , here comes a citizen and I refuse? Where is the respect in the work I had to seek to help a member?
  11. Download is pending, wait for download,
  12. Pages Clan Wars

    Version 1.0.0


    Pages clan wars Clan Wars Is a complete Pages database setup, Created and designed for gaming websites to add clan wars, Personal matches. Beautiful and super responsive design to show the matches in Listing and Display template, A block Widget to show upcoming matches anywhere on your website. Also a plugin to change all the colors. You can Brows the demo page to see it live, Provided with some upcoming and finished matches from wiki.teamliquid Listing and display matches Page Showing an Upcoming and Finished match You can optionally add a background image to each of the matches Scoring fields are automatic, A Lose/Win Text will automatically be added depending on the scores On the fly editing fields, Change Scores, Status, Date...etc A Widget to show upcoming matches Database Fields A plugin to change the colors Version Compatibility 4.2.x
  13. No, topic in tutorials no support
  14. Topic in wrong room.
  15. I would like to know if it is possible to create a topic in my forum, but from another place, I am setting up a php, like if it is possible in this php I create a topic in my forum, in a specific area.