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  1. Migration from localhost to web (xampp)

    @Christhopher backup your forum folder and your database. Upload your forum folder into the htdocs folder. Go to your phpmyadm and import the database that you backed up. Open the file conf_global.php search the url of your forum, you will probably be http://localhost/forum change through the new url, save and done.
  2. Event alert.

    https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8010-final-countdown/ I only know this one but it is paid, if you want you can request it in the requests area
  3. WebFlake Release Notes?

    @bangbroz Release Note Tutorial
  4. Works easy this tutorial
  5. I did not understand your doubt very well.
  6. Header Message

    @RRRIKARDO I found 2 here in the forum
  7. Add Message before the First post Preview Well this tutorial I did to assist a Member, so come on. AdminCP >> Skin Theme >> Edit Html & Css >> search for topic in forums/front/topics/ and search for <div data-controller='core.front.core.commentFeed,forums.front.topic.view, core.front.core.ignoredComments' {{if settings.auto_polling_enabled}}data-autoPoll{{endif}} data-baseURL='{$topic->url()}' {{if $topic->isLastPage() and !$topic->isQuestion()}}data-lastPage{{endif}} data-feedID='topic-{$topic->tid}' class='cTopic ipsClear ipsSpacer_top'> {{if $topic->isQuestion() && $question}} <div class='ipsAreaBackground ipsPad'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead ipsType_reset ipsSpacer_bottom'>{lang="question_title"}</h2> {template="postContainer" group="topics" app="forums" params="$topic, $question, $votes, 'cPostQuestion'"} </div> Add above this: <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_error'> Make a constructive comment. </div> You can also change the Styles of messages. Warning <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_warning'> Make a constructive comment. </div> Success <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_success'> Make a constructive comment. </div> Information <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_information'> Make a constructive comment. </div>
  8. Suggest & share animes

    I think I would get away from the idea of the forum, but every idea is welcome, thank you for your idea.
  9. Mimic IPS Navigation

    I think it's in the wrong area, my friend, this is only for direct support of IPS products, but being honest and I could not understand your doubt.
  10. You have run and run, you can not access the forum you have created online or offline (localhost), if it is online you have no error, just upload the files, create a new database and install normally.
  11. Saved Action

    it is difficult to explain, but you can use them to close a topic automatically, open, move, post an automatic message, etc ... just configure according to your desire, there is no mystery, AdminCP >> Forums >> Save Actions> > create a new one and configure according to your need, just read each configuration.
  12. Add bbcode addon to CKEditor

    Friend I do not know to tell you if IPS4 actually still uses these simple bbcode tags for formatting or if it simply uses pure html, however I always enabled in groups the use of html, Admincp >> Members >> Groups >> Edit Group> > Can you use html in the editor? check yes, at least STAFF, so I have access to bbcode source in html and edit the will, about your plugin there, you should check if it is compatible with your ckeditor from your forum. Version Plugin 4.7.3 Version IPS CKEditor 4.7.2 Dont work.
  13. Help with editing copyright

    it is difficult for someone to help you if we do not have the theme in question, make the theme available if possible. https://webflake.sx/topic/23116-behemoth-theme-copyright/?page=2#comment-94793 or this https://webflake.sx/topic/22929-how-to-remove-copyright/
  14. Hello from Greece!!

    Hi, welcome to webflake, be happy here.
  15. Upgrade from 3.1.2 to 4.1

    Come on, create a folder with any name in the directory of your hosting where against the files of your IPB 3.1, move all the files to there less conf_global.php and the folder uploads. Upload all files from the latest version of IPB 3.4, in case Cookie posted above, after that upload, go to http: // linkdoseuforum / admin / upgrade and upgrade normally Warning1: You will have to repeat all these steps until you get to IPS4.2, do not forget to always create a new folder and keep the 2 files, so you will have a backup of your files in case something goes wrong. Warning2: Always back up the files and your database after upgrades. Warning3: When upgrading from version 3.x to 4.1x, disable all your hooks and applications, as most will not work and may cause errors, so remember to disable them all. I do not think I've forgotten anything, good luck.