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  1. I think what helped this was the low expectations set for it in the months before on how they made him look. That being said I still really enjoyed the film, it wasn't hilarious but some good 'make you smile' moments in there. I was a Sega fanboy at heart too so a lot of the ending with the music and what happens worked really well imo. If you like watching video game adaptations then it you must give it a watch.
  2. GazzaGarratt

    GTA 5?

    I've heard its quite good. How much real money are people using? I'd be happy to play as long as i can use all my in-game earned money.
  3. GazzaGarratt

    Garry's Mod

    I need to pick this game up. Tbh the prop hunt gamemodes on the latest CoDs have been quite enjoyable and great for the lolz in a party.
  4. Was wondering if anyone had the updated Quizzes version at all? Whilst the latest version available here works in the main, the main category page for quizzes has an error. Many thanks in advance
  5. I think that Corsair offer products at a much better standard for the price. I have a K55 RGB Keyboard and a M65 Pro RBG Mouse. Cos, you know, flashy lights are all the rage ?
  6. Whilst I won't disagree with the PS4 being king, it hasn't got backwards compatability with PS3 games. They have something called Playstation Now which is a rental service that makes available some old Playstation games for a monthly fee.
  7. Ultimately go where your friends are. Outside of that, its usually where there are exclusives, if any. PS4 have bossed it in for the last good few years with all the amazing exclusives they have. Sort of like when Xbox 360 was king with all the exclusives versus the PS3. It also didn't help the Xbox One on launch lost all the awesome UI features and ease from the Xbox 360 when it launched but I appreciate its started to become better in the last 6 to 12 months. Exclusive wise - God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, Last of Us...they've just killed Xbox with them over the past few years.
  8. GazzaGarratt

    GTA 5?

    Every so often we play GTAV on the PS4 and have an 'FG GTA Races' night. All about the banter and laughs. Catch up is always on and knocking people off the track is a must! You're more than welcome to join us, like anyone else is next time we have one.
  9. I've always enjoyed PES over the years and needless to say that the gameplay is imo far superior to FIFA. I think if Namco weren't so cheap and bought some licences its the only thing that puts people off PES - London FC, South Wales and Merseyside Blue just don't tickle people's fancy.
  10. Depends on the scenario. We get a lot of people liking light themes when they are at work. Its usually dark that wins out though.
  11. That's brill! Thanks! Others should get involved with your handywork whilst its 10 sleeps to go
  12. Nice one @Jeffrey, a very neat idea and adds a little fun around this time of year. A little Christmas hat would've been cool on my avatar if you have the spare time
  13. Audi R8 would be a dream to have. I'd take any Audi I could get my hands on over a BMW. Never found BMW attractive cars.
  14. I think its more about your plugins and add ons tbh. A dark theme is always preferred on gaming sites.
  15. Quite a few themes have features that make your site look like its snowing. Something to look out for instead of a full Christmas theme
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