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  1. What GTA Server platform do you use and why? How do you feel about each?
  2. What is your favorite voice Client to use? I personally love Teamspeak for the options of permissions but discord takes the cake with voice quaility
  3. I mean Spotify if I have to choose but Amazon Music is great.
  4. What is your PERSON favorite battle royal game. I do enjoy the new Apex Legends that came out. it is such an awesome game
  5. IPS is the best from what I have used it for. The functionality of it is suberb
  6. Do you guys drink energy formula? If so post the best formula you use and why it is good! I love GFUEL because of the healthy balance inside of every cup I have
  7. I broke my leg once before it was not the best experience LOL
  8. Personally Windows is 100% better. I hate Apple with a passion
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