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  1. It looks like a permission problem , look at the permission for that plugin and set to be visible to guests.
  2. Yep , that's it , I will make a ticket and tell them.
  3. No it's from blazingfast.io (delete it if it's ad or something).
  4. I did nothing , sometimes it gives me that , not always.
  5. Hello I have a problem with my board , it gives me this:
  6. Ok thank you , I guess I'll wait till 4.2 goes live , beta it's working good but , it got some issues , but is ok. You can close this question. Thank you.
  7. Yeah I know but ... you know when you are noob and want to try something new ... so there is no way to downgrade or make it work on
  8. Hello , I was wondering how to downgrade from 4.2 beta 6 to , didn't tried anything because I don't want to mess something. 4.2 beta 6 got some problem with themes , it's a nice update but , I want to downgrade to , I used separated and then updated my live board.
  9. Did you tried to change php version to 5.6 or 7.0/7.1?
  10. Solved it , actually I am using apache + nginx and it seems that nginx uses different type of htaccess content , so I just converted apache htaccess to nginx htaccess and now it's working.
  11. Hello , maybe this will be a dumb question but I need to ask because I don't know and I have a limited time. So I moved my index and my board from a cloud host to a vps , the index works great , but the board dosen't , in Google Chrome I receive an error : ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS tried to clear cache , tried to delete cookies etc etc , nothing worked , so I tried to make a subdomain and install a fresh copy of ipb , that worked , I can see the board and everything , need some help with my old board , can I fix it? If so , how can I? If not , it is possible to install a fresh copy of IPS and just put the old database? I have a lot of posts topics and members and I don't wanna lose something. Thank you.
  12. Update your board to
  13. Did you tried to clear cache? Try to disable latest installed plugin and see if it fixed , I saw something with steam_hook , try disable steam integration and see if works.
  14. I solved it , it was from mysql settings. Thanks anyway.
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