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  1. i prefer yoast rather than all in one seo cause better google results are with yoast seo plugin and small social promotion to boost your website
  2. but iframe is working properly even in latest version why should we use this to show iframe force ? just cross iframe is blocked by mozilla
  3. going to apply this now on IPB 4 and will report back thanks
  4. They are premium fonts here AskFonts select your font and directly link them in CSS simple . thanks
  5. thanks for detailed tutorial will try this thanks
  6. Very useful i will try once hope this works thanks again
  7. IPB 3.x much better and easy to integrate on any platform thanks
  8. IPB 3.x

    CSS is broken on some templates but thanks i am using it by changing its colors
  9. very useful thanks i bookmarked this page ..
  10. strange but still i see my copyright even after removing might need your help thanks
  11. This will effect google SEO very badly i dont recommend . Use Custom CloudFlare Landing Page which is very safe and also increase your SEO
  12. just register with cloud flare and activate DDOS protection all going good till now
  13. could you please make tut for ipb 4 ? thanks
  14. i want more fields like Register year, Thanks given, Browser, Location any one please ?
  15. Tested and working in latest IPB version thanks