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  1. Welcome to me .. :)

    Sorry if its kinda late, but welcome!
  2. Question about URL structure of IPB forum and pages

    Do you want to have your forums as your site? Just install in the root folder and, with the .htaccess modify your first page to be the page selected and it will be fine.
  3. Member Away

    Hello @BritishBorders, can you please re-upload the image? I can't see what's happening. The trouble is, in fact, the ModCP can't see which members are Away? There's any thrown error at the AdminCP logs or something?
  4. Display Secondary groups

    Hi @TheHeroBilly! Maybe this is what are you looking for? Try it and tell us!
  5. An old 'new" traveler

    Hi to all Webflake's members! Im not new really, but i came here as all the people for downloading some files. Today, after a long year of this site providing free resources i decided to give to it something in exchange so i'll try to help in anything code-related in IPB. I hope to have interesting times here and learn in any ways this forum can do for me. See ya!
  6. Modifying the Member post profiles

    Thanks but i mean adding them here: -- EDITING -- I found it, for those who wants to know: You must fill the Formating visualization to make it work, thanks! Where "Software" and "Version" are, for example since those are custom i think. I added a few long time ago, but they just appears in the Members public profile and not in the topic view profile, maybe its a template edition?
  7. Hello! Recently i wanted to modify some Profiles in Viewtopic field, i mean, the small profile that you can see meanwhile you're watching a post, in here you've 2 custom profiles that are Software and Version that appears when you're watching a topic. Is there a way to do it? I tried with the "Profiles" section but it just let me edit the Members profile, not the viewtopic profile. Thanks in advice!
  8. Is Collab really operating with 4.X?

    Solved, the issue was that: You need to upload the plugin in the Applications, but no in the FTP management, it gives error.
  9. Is Collab really operating with 4.X?

    I'll redo it again, if it works i'll post it here, thanks for the help! -- Edit -- Still not working, im really confused about that. -- Edit 2 -- I reinstalled the forums with a fresh installation, without any plugin, theme or modification and installing the Group collaboration 1.3.8, still the same issue and not knowing what's the main cause.
  10. Is Collab really operating with 4.X?

    Already tried, seems to be the same error again, is it really working with that version? Im really curious about that information.
  11. Hello! Recently i downloaded the application Group Collaboration 1.3.8 but installing it gives me an error. Im using Invision Power 4 (, so 4.X must be working on that version. Information: Doing in a Paid hosting. Fresh installation. Template installed. Error logs found (on System logs) - Screenshoot in the topic. My hosting didn't preformed issues in their configuration.
  12. IPS4 Force Login

    https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/403406-force-members-to-login-before-showing-the-board/ Is that helping you?
  13. FAQ System

    Thanks! Really appreciated!