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  1. I'm trying to get numbers to show by the subforums to show how forums are in that subforum
  2. how do i make a trasitioning gaming landing page?
  3. i want to tidy up my forum but i cant find anything to turn my forum into categories tabs not without downgrading can someone help please
  4. is there a way of putting 2 themes into one from different softwares
  5. Hi i dont know what to post this so im sorry But i wanted to know how i can convert (Brivium - Cadmium 1.5.9) to XF 2.0 or if anyone could do it for me It Would be appreciated because it matches the type i am working on
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Xbox.com Skin - IP.Board "Xbox" is an Xbox.com themed skin Sanctuary made for IP.Board. Skin features: Xbox Styled Theme Horizontal User Info Pane Custom Profile View Fancy Animations Custom Dropdown Menu And more! Only for 3.3x And 3.4x