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  1. I think they're both shit- overpaid figures that could be contributing much more to society.
  2. PUBG- Much more realistic. Doubt they're meant to be compared to each other as far as realism goes, just the style I prefer more.
  3. Back in the day when my computer actually got a virus, this removed it swiftly and thoroughly. Good software.
  4. Avast Free.. can't go wrong with it. Kept me safe for the last 8 years.
  5. Avast free is what I've been using for seven years and I haven't had any issues to-date!
  6. I had a 2013 328i with xDrive and after ~53k miles (Only 3,000 over factory warranty) the wastegate went out. $800 to replace but BMW only charged me $300. I can't say I don't appreciate what they did for me, but the issue never should've happened to begin with in my opinion. I look forward to my next car being an A4.
  7. Jrock


    I highly doubt anyone is going to want to help you based on the little effort you put into the post. Welcome to WebFlake, by the way!
  8. This will be in your theme's style.css file.
  9. Web Application... I see WebFlake now turned into a white glove dinner club. Anyways, Welcome!
  10. Jrock


    Welcome to WebFlake.. Your post isn't too descriptive, so can you please clarify what you're looking for?
  11. Code Teamspeak????? I'm a bit biased because I work for a TS ATHP, and I've used TS for the last 10+ years which is nice. Discord is cool because it's free and whatnot but there's something special about having full control over your environment. If you require more organization TS is definitely better.