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  1. I get a 500 error when visiting the site. @volvo22, You posted in IPB Support, so I want to confirm that's what your using. Your profile says MyBB. Can you post some of your http error logs? Are you on shared hosting or your own cloud/dedicated server? The more information we get the better we can help you. You're dealing with a very broad spectrum of possibilities that can result in a 500 error.
  2. I've always had a soft spot for MyBB for whatever reason.. it's a nice break from IPB once in a while. However, at the end of the day IPB is the powerful workhorse that gets the job done. Only longterm benefit of MyBB is having a clean conscious about your software.
  3. Regarding your first question/issue, I'm not signed on your site in so I don't see it, and I'm not going to make an account. Overall, your theme just looks a little.. odd. I think there's similar ones that would also be suitable for a gaming community that are a bit more organized. If you insist on keeping your current one, just continue doing some digging with inspecting the element or css/template changes.
  4. File has been approved. Enjoy!
  5. Jrock


    Welcome to WebFlake!
  6. What are you trying to do? Share the login system? Integrate something on a page? If you saw something on a website that you want to replicate, give us a screenshot. The more information, the better. And welcome to WebFlake!
  7. Someone should make a gif...
  8. I second this. They're the only ones that control the entire system- hardware and software. Can't beat them unless someone else does the same.
  9. ^ That is why. And we're glad to hear the issue is resolved! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  10. Topic moved from IP.Board Support to Wordpress Support. _____________________________________ You need to access your error log. Are you on shared hosting (like cPanel), or do you have full access to your webserver (vps or dedicated)? What webserver are you on?
  11. You're not being specific enough, and I've never seen tags in a chatbox before. I didn't even find anything when I broadly googled your question. Sidenote: Anyone that asks a question solely in a thread's topic title clearly isn't putting enough effort into their request. Please be more specific. If you have seen this on a site you've visited, a screenshot would be greatly helpful.
  12. Jrock

    IPS 4.4.0 Beta 3

    I actually just tried moving this topic to the 4.4.x forum... It's been a long day. .. we don't have one yet.
  13. I'm going to agree with this. See if you can view source to obtain the image URL path or something, and we can help you create your own on your site by just adding a couple lines of code.. no need for an entire plugin for two links.
  14. Anyone having this issue will need to review your webserver logs and post the results from there. Driver errors can stem from various sources- often mismatched software versions or missing software.
  15. Jrock

    NBA or NFL

    I think they're both shit- overpaid figures that could be contributing much more to society.