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  1. I get an error when opening forums, gallery, blogs and other applications since I moved to another host. this only happens when i enable Enable Friendly URLs? Rewrite URLs? if I disable them... the pages will work normally sorry, i forgot to add.. i moved to should i dump them now?
  2. I have the news app now.. I purchased it from the store..
  3. nope but i did like to have one like cat
  4. kevinexit


    this theme is one of the best av ever seen.. but gat a little problem in mobile view.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @Tricky hear me out
  5. since my whole life, I have never bought any antivirus. I use either cracked or free version. but I think am gonna buy or pay for it this time cos it's pretty cheap.
  6. I think I will discard this IPS4 and move on to xenforo. xenforo seems to be faster than IPS4.. but what I don't like about xenforo is their layout., the index page and their navigation system.. it seems confusing. am looking for a better shared server though. my site is pretty slow
    where can i get access key?
    how do I use this plugin? no documentation
    How do I use this plugin? Where does it display?
  7. Anyone please share.. I need this also