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  1. Add me on discord lets have a chit-chat kevinexit#9302
  2. Greetings Homies.. pls i'm working on something in my forum .. i 'm doing a template modification on my forum using the portal app.. But i'm having problem pulling out the first image in a topic post .. i mean both image not uploaded to my server.. Hotlinked images. how do i go about? Then again av seen this featured content app pulling out external images out from my topic post any idea? @Oni
  3. yes i did. but it did not work for me
  4. I want to buy something from the store.. But my pm has been disabled
  5. Hello Good Day fellas! I'm having a hard time trying to import RSS feed images as attachment to my forum .. i can't find the option in my forum .. what went wrong? pls help me below is a screenshot of the feature post on ips official site This is my forum screenshot below any idea what the problem is?
  6. hey guys, how do i display a list of forum topics in an error page without using widget? i tried using widget but i didn't work.. any idea?
  7. hey guys ! Greetings.. pls am a bit confused here.. how do i set up a cron job with the following command given? Is it a single command or a separate command? pls help
  8. I have that version of portal.....
  9. Have you tried disabling any installed plugins?
  10. Sorry for asking.. but what do you intend to achieve with this move?
  11. Name cheap ripped me off my hard work of 5 yrs....... all my data plus other sites hosted on my account all gone!. i will never forget that.. Thats the shit they sent to me....
  12. hmmmm @Oni you seems to know much about IPS ... i would love to work with you in future..
  13. Am using version 1.7.1 Am using IPS 4.4.10 YES I DID ENABLED THE Show thumbnail in topics" in options in portal settings.. All my post contains an image..... That can be used as a thumbnail...