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  1. Pls are you on discord? Lets chat privately
  2. Do have access to download from there?
  3. I feel sorry for you guys.. our African leaders are using this covid-19 as an advantage to loot public funds.. And there is nothing like covid-19.. I wish the virus will come for real and kill our leaders . @Pino which other messenger do you use ? I really need your help.. My messenger has been disabled for a long time..
  4. it has been fixed! i cleared my browser cache/cookies.. This thread can now be closed! .. thank you all for your response..
  5. Hey guys!, I was wondering, do we have any plugin that automatically imports/uploads the external images to the media? as this will help save time.. Because I use my site for blogging mostly Is there a way to manipulate it? If you have an idea pls reply to this topic.
  6. Hello fellows am faced with a huge problem .. email system is not working for me.. new users are unable to verify their registration.. see the error below.. pls help me .. i need to stand up on my feet... i just lost thousands of post to namecheap..
  7. i have tried.... that.. still, not working... i did another installation. its still the same thing.. i just discovered that my site can't even send mails to my registered users.
  8. Would love to have this https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8408-newsletters/ Am willing to pay for half of the price Thank you so much in advance.
  9. Would love to have this https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7756-sd-company-directory/ Am willing to pay for half of the original price.. Thank you so much in advance.
  10. Hello fellows. i have a problem with my site after a fresh installation. It is not accessible via the Chrome browser but with fire fox browser its okay. what do you think is the problem? here is the error code..
  11. Hello, guys pls i need your help on this.. i cant edit any topic post in my site .. i just did a fresh installation. bellow is the error code..
  12. Unpack the updated version and paste everything in your root directory... Then visit yourdomain/admin/upgrade. It should show you .. the next step..
  13. Hey guys! Am in need of a reliable offshore host.. Its urgent for my work pls recommend for me...
  14. Hello fellows... I need someone to tell me the easy way to duplicate IPS plugin . To make it look as a standalone plugin.. I have done it before but I have forgotten how I did it.. pls help.. i need to duplicate the plugin like 3 times to increase the functionality. Thanks
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