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  1. So you have to integrate the above inside the. "div class="message-avatar-wrapper">" It was acurrate back in 2019. The CSS might be outdated and needing some fix. For 2.1 i have updated the main topic.
  2. I recommend you Soyoustart.com or OVH. I find Digital ocean to suck hard. Soyoustart has great Dedis from the range you need and are good overrall. Was using them for a long time until switched to OVH.
  3. Just download the file from ACP, and replace your existing file.
  4. Option called Friendly-URL in ACP/
  5. Using commas, <xf:if is="{{!$xf.visitor.isMemberOf(3,5,10)}}">
  6. The tutorials are made to understand its possible, not always 100% accurate. If you did put your brain to use, or at least check the template for the 2.0, you would understand the issue is with the xf:elseif In any case, i've updated.
  7. Not sure possible. The template uses a function whoReacted() found in system\Content\Reactable.php You can create a plugin that modifies that functions and assign it in the corresponding template.
  8. Tested Twice on 2.1.9. The code has to be replaced in the top section of the macros. Where the avatar settings are, check again the first page, i edited to include those as well. If it doesnt work then its either wrong place, or you didnt add proper frame image in the CSS.
  9. message_macros is located here: ACP -> Apperance -> Templates, search for message_macros Replace with the part from the first page, from <div class="message-avatar-wrapper"> ... to ... </div> Obv, in the CSS, you have to replace admin and owner class with proper image...
  10. Already did, check the first page.
  11. I've updated the thread for 2.1
  12. I tested the code above for both 4.4 and 4.5 in default and custom theme, and both worked for me. I can check it for you with access.
  13. Check the main thread, i updated it.
  14. The ones on left look like images, for FA use this. [data-forumid="2"] .fa-comments:before { content: "\f236"; }
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