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  1. In post container find and remove {expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )->formattedName" raw="true"}
  2. Dont know what you mean by userbar, but if you want remove the "member" group text ,and keep the image only, Remove this <div class='textGrop'>{expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )->formattedName" raw="true"}
  3. Did you install an SSL certificate? Let's Encrypt? Cloudflare? Paid?
  4. If you have Italian Language installed, go to the translate option, and search for the key. Its the easiest way to translate an app, and not required to upload anything.
  5. You upload it to the language section
  6. in the modcp, edit the announcement, under Page location select sidebar
  7. That's related to language strings. Go to ACP, languages, and search for that string. and save.
  8. No one will answer you this question. If your license expired, upload the whole nulled version to make sure everything will work as expected.
  9. Make a backup of the template, and reset the default one, then copy contents from the backup one by one.
  10. Check the template you.'ve edited, its the issue.
  11. Add in custom.css #acpNewVersion, #elLicenseKey { display: none; }
  12. Would be great a small update for 4.4 actually if someone has it already done. No time to look it through. Looks like an issue with the category Table not being displayed.
  13. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9421-onixgx-dark/ Maybe someone willing to share it.
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