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    was working good on the version 4.4.4 , however using 4.4.7 the orders seems to remain in pending even when the confirmations are done.... is this related to some API change ??? could anyone with knowledge see this ?
  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8676-dp44-referrals-system/ anyone ??? hit me up if u can buy for me and details also so i can send u money
  2. bump if anyone can get this hit me up PM i need it I'll pay
  3. Bumping here if there is anyway of getting the new version of brilliant discord ( ofc paying ) hit me up
  4. I would probably need this also interested in version for IPS 4.4.4 (paying if needed ofc ) hit me up
    Hey bro thanks for this appreciate it
  5. hello, basically looking for a good experienced dev that has knowledge in IPS forums and could help me with my project. basically anything regarding the IPS forums, from changing stuff from a theme, to maybe making some small custom features, to fixing maybe a plugin or app or adding a new feature to it and if possible tweaking some stuff of the IPS store itself. I usually don't rush the dev, so u can take your time just don't make it a eternity, and ofc I'll pay you for all your work done, send me a PM if you are interested, this could be maybe some long term working stuff also
  6. @ Cookie Monster hello my friend are your services still available ???
  7. I haven't seem them but both of them would be super awesome to have
  8. I like more how IPS is displayed like it's design,, but some people prefer maybe other options or features depending on what they are going to be making or so... but yeah i would suggest IPS
  9. would be good if you could also provide more info regarding to what you expect to do or what is the whole point in your project that you have or plan so that people could point more Pro and cons between the 2 option u asked or point you to a better one regards
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_VsyLAGuk awesome one ;)