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    I had NO clue something this great existed, this is something I've wanted for so so so so so long, thank you!
  1. Version 1.1.0 Beta 4


    Note from WebFlake Staff: This application is not compatible with IPS 4.3 or later. The original author of this application abandoned it many months ago and as of May 2018, we recommend not using this application in a live environment. There have been isolated reports that the application functions with 4.3 with the exception of role sync, so you're welcome to test it for yourself. We cannot and will not provide support for this application. This application will NOT embed any kind of chat into your forum! This will merely syncs groups/roles and posts notifications from your forum to discord. Role syncing only works one-way (IPS->Discord). Features: Group/Role syncing. OAUTH2 authentication for IPS. Ban syncing. Post automated notifications to channels about new topics/posts. Post automated notifications to channels about new calendar events. Post automated notifications to channels about new downloads. Why is the price so "high"? I raised the price quite a bit to cut down support requests, so I can focus more on building new features. As it stands now, I have not worked on new features for months but only on support requests.

  2. Been using IPS for about a year and half, I also host other peoples IPS, around 4 different sites, never been "caught"
    I really appreciate you going out of your way to get this, unfortunately for me it still has a few problems in 4.2.7: For instance even if you leave something blank for the criteria it will just revert it to 0, which basically wont award members with negative values (for instance my account has negative value and cant receive an award due to repcount always reverting back to 0 when leaving it blank. nonetheless, thank you very much I genuinely appreciate it!
    Doesn't work correctly on 4.2.7, desperately in need of the newest version.
  3. Hey I'm looking for a few plugins / applications (not sure which way would be best do this) I'm currently looking for a way to have specific usergroups have the ability to change the hue and saturation of their rank, this would change the hue of: - Username style / glow - Userbar - User's highlight on their posts I'd like to be able to select what usergroup can do this, two simple sliders to change the hue and saturation as well. I'm not entirely sure on the budget for this, as far as I know there is no forums that actually has this feature that is running IPS. So I'll say around $20-$50, depending on the quality / speed. My discord is: atlas#7228 Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the help, if I have this problem again I might try to look into it further.
  5. that one worked immediately. Could it also potentially have been the file size?
  6. The only restriction was that every picture required a prefix, I went ahead and made a fresh category with no limitations and still received the error.
  7. Latest version, here is link to image. One of my members tried uploading this image. I tried uploading it myself with the same result.
  8. I changed it from png jpg jpeg, etc. It is only one specific image as far as I know. Ive done other images before this one and even after, but only the one specific image is completely breaking the album area.