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  1. Is it possible to make a custom load page for ipboard ? ( redirect to the forum )
  2. can be closed if someone know more about nginx rproxy write me a pn if you help i will pay and spend
  3. xodiak

    Apache vs Nginx

    and thats bad or what you meaning?
  4. xodiak

    Apache vs Nginx

    For all Nginx as Reverse Proxy and Apache as backend is the best resoluition
  5. want purple backgrounds with some graphic elements its not so easy to describe need a gfxler
  6. well dude you can shut the flake up you ignore for help although I said that I pay you. You can also say I have no time or anything . Take an example of Jeffrey
  7. hello, i created a block in globaltemplate, how can i shot it only on the index forum page`? Some html line`?
  8. Hello want to show on posts the Regdate and many more how can i do that without enhanced user info panel?
  9. thats not ips dude