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  1. well dude you can shut the flake up you ignore for help although I said that I pay you. You can also say I have no time or anything . Take an example of Jeffrey
  2. hello, i created a block in globaltemplate, how can i shot it only on the index forum page`? Some html line`?
  3. Hello want to show on posts the Regdate and many more how can i do that without enhanced user info panel?
  4. its just a header background for the animate theme ^^ want a own custom header backgroung. Details via private message
  5. Good web hosting for offshore privacy and bulletproof ! is possible too
  6. i have many ideas , so if you say you are the men, then write me a pn can pay 30-50€
  7. you dont need to block proxy or vpn user. Its the internet Dude, cloudflare have a filter for this specific topic. If you disable the Ip logging system , the User season cache dont work !
  8. selling my licence, i never used the licence for a domain or something. expires at september for renew . ( 25.00 renewal ) ( Just forum )