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  1. How can i stop the animating background on the theme anmiate?
  2. IPS 4.2 Login box front page

    Hell yeah , it would be interesting like ipboard 3.4
  3. Change Avatar Style Works in 4.1 & 4.2

    okey now its just the problem that the changes dont come without designer mode if i disable designer mode it comes the old avatar size somebody can help me? edit : problem solved
  4. Change Avatar Style Works in 4.1 & 4.2

    doenst worked for me never changed . hey dude i do that, but it only show it me if iam in designer mode but not if i leave the mod ? Can you say something? 4.2.8 iam using. And its not like the preview screenshot .
  5. (IPBA) Recent Topics Widget

  6. IPS 4.2 disable ip logging ?

  7. IPS 4.2 disable ip logging ?

    Is it possible to disable the ip logging in version 4.2? In the version 3.4 - if i disabled the ip logging , the user online list dont worked correctly - whats about 4.2?
  8. Need Recent Topic Hook

  9. thanks dude, but now it comes ,, What're you chatting? " if i want to shout ! It only works if i only shout an emoticon
  10. Hello, The bim Chatbox have the Ancount / rules color in white - i want it in green, how can i edit that? If i set new messages on the top, the textfield goes on the top too i dont want it on the top too ! Thanks and greetz !
  11. (IPBA) Recent Topics Widget

    Need this : https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7723-ipba-recent-topics-widget/ someone have that?
  12. can be closed thank you so much
  13. i have put 2 blocks now and and for the second block they used the box pannel style from my shout box white and the other forum boxes too
  14. Thank you really much i will donate for you ! Last question i want to get it under the home and unread content block not over these block so i have to ?