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  1. do you have a reverse proxy behind the backend ip?
  2. i can only download 1 htacess file look at the screen, where i find the other htacess ? Greetz
  3. Still need help i need it fast, if someone help i will send 20€ Bitcoins! Safe!!!
  4. furl is enabled and have a own htaccess for the main directory ! ( have to download it in acp ) Everything works but rest api dont work.
  5. how i said i got this page if i go to rest & oauth
  6. never but now i want but it dont work ! I have every time the same error and i uploaded the file in api Directory
  7. i want to generate like you said but i have the errors ?
  8. i tryed to use rest & oAuth ive got In order to use the REST API: Download htaccess Upload it to the /api folder in your site's directory (/var/www/html/api). Rename it to '.htaccess' (with no file name). The API endpoint is not giving the expected response. Check you followed the instructions correctly. The URL being tested is: https://testdomainblablabla/api/index.php?/core/hello and i do all the rules ?
  9. Used the service again last week, competent user and NICE WORK
  10. can be closed if someone know more about nginx rproxy write me a pn if you help i will pay and spend
  11. want purple backgrounds with some graphic elements its not so easy to describe need a gfxler
  12. well dude you can shut the flake up you ignore for help although I said that I pay you. You can also say I have no time or anything . Take an example of Jeffrey