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  1. 123B3n


    Hi Droid, Welcome to webflake, hope you'll enjoy your stay here
  2. Welcome mate, hope you find that content around here
  3. I got kicked into the inactive section as well, wasn't even aware of this new system. Welp, not a lot to do than becoming active again. I completely understand it from the administrations perspective, just sucks for those who weren't aware of it.
    Works fine for me, doesn't have to be a tar file as u can upload it via FTP into the applications folder. All though it's easier with a tar file. I rate it 1 star because it's not stated anywhere that it's in Russian if so I wouldn't waste my time by now for something I couldn't use since I do not speak Russian. Overall I'd really love to see this panel in English as I really have been looking for it. Great work, but you should've stated it was in Russian especially since the description is even written in English you confuse people.
  4. 123B3n

    Origin Theme

    Theme looks amazing, however, doesn't work on my forums at all and I'm running the latest 4.2 version, adding a slider image bigger than its actual size makes it go over all other elements, anything customized returns in the "Host not responding page" when saving yet the host is still alive. Tons of problems. But overall it looks great and I really hope it will be fixed so I could use it. But for now, it's just a no for me.
  5. 123B3n

    Apache vs Nginx

    I use both to be honest, NGINX is running as a proxy layer and Apache as the actual server itself. Works great
  6. 123B3n


    Been using OVH for the past 5 years, had some problems with DDoS attacks before, some heavier once made it passed the DDoS protection. Now I've upped my game servers onto their Game Server Dedicated Box to get the most out of the DDoS protection. I'm running both websites, voice, game servers and all on them without a problem. The box itself sounds small but u can do so much based on them without a problem, also running ESXi on the box with 3 VM's, one Windows server for all my game servers it use to be Linux but decided to switch it up a bit. One Ubuntu VM for websites with a Plesk Panel and running a total of 8 different websites without a problem throughout 4 different IP's actually running really well, better than I'd guess. The last VM is basically an Internal Firewall also containing an extra DDoS layer which so far hasn't been activated. Since I've switched over to the Game Servers box I've never had a problem with DDoS attacks or anything. Also related to DMCA, never had any problems. From all I've experience OVH is a great hosting company, they really value their customers and help you out even more than they should. That's from personal experience. I hope this helped you a little bit and got a bigger idea of OVH, I'll never go to any other hosting provider. OVH is good, fairly cheap and I love them.
    Not working, just got a blank page when trying to access the open position page. Edit: if you have the same issues as me, check if your running friendly URL's and make sure to edit the applications url as it has the same namespace as the applications folder for the IPB systems.