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  1. @gnark I dont know if it wouldnt be a spaming and advertising if ill add this information, so i like more not to post it ;)
  2. yes it is the easy way to do it ;D i wanted to do nice in costum screen even in APC, but i gues you are right and it is good Still thanks for the Zebra theme, now i can do one table i wanted for some time, thans once more for help
  3. Yes it did change, now i know how to change an zebra stripes thanks so much. Now im more depressed becouse it didn't change the 2nd stripe in users table in APC :( so i still have a problem, but i guess other one :( I found a route to ipsClearfix in misc.css but i cant see any colour code there...
  4. well i dont know where to find this one im using a modded theme I found a : [data-categoryid="{theme="ipbf_privateCategoryID"}"] .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:nth-child(2n):not(.ipsDataItem_selected):not(.ipsModerated):hover { background: {theme="ipbf_privateforumListHover"}; } and also i did found .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:not( .ipsDataItem_selected ):not( .ipsModerated ):not( .ipsDataItem_new ):not( .ipsDataItem_success ):not( .ipsDataItem_warning ):not( .ipsDataItem_error ):not( .ipsDataItem_info ):not( .ipsDataItem_status ):nth-child(even):hover { background: {theme="ipbf_normalCategoryBgHover"} after i deleed {theme="ipbf_normalCategoryBgHover"} and added #525252 and it dodnt change...
  5. you mean something like this? If so you just add an image w8 till it chage - click on it 2 times and add link - on old ips 3 you could add an url type like [url=http site][img]lint to image[/img][/url] but in ip4 it just dosen't work for some reason...
  6. hello i would need a help, I cant find 2nd clolor in Zebra table theme - i founded and edited .ipsTable_zebra tbody tr:nth-child( even ):not(.ipsTable_highlight) { background: #BFBFBF; and i cant see to find 2nd one Is there a easy way to edit that table?
  7. Hello everyone, Well don't know what to write so... ye - Greetings from Poland, name Michał. Im here to raise my skills in IPS/IPB 4 settup, mostly here for tutorials and ye... I also have my own site that specials in gaming and hope to migrade to IPS 4 some time soon when forum will look nice and i won't be shamed to invite people there ;) I'm also and owner on TeamSpeak 3 with a 130 place on gametrack ;) so ye braging here ;D Hobbys : IT, Tech and gadets, Audio, Anime, Games (CS:GO, LOL, Fallout, Witcher, and some indi games) mostly on Steam.
  8. I think it is most helpfull: Donations are needed to get the site running, servers cost some money and many ppl download files for free to have more free things, they need to buy payed ones, that they can give us here to have more free content As most of those social free sites are set up for helping, it isnt bad to have a little more money think how much content is here if you would need to pay for all of it you would need to pay hundrets and thousnds of dollars, most better styles are payed, most widgeds are payed (best 50$ at lest) So i realy dont unserstand why many ppl, say donation sucks - 1st - you dont need to donate this site is still free, 2nd - no one says you need to donate to use this site most feauters are still on, and even w/o donating you can use it w/o problems. "don't be a leach"