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  1. Ketchup


    Version 1.0.2


  2. Ketchup


    Version 1.0.0


    The plugin will allow your users to bookmark any topic, message or any other content on your forum. The plugin even allows your users to make their own notes for different bookmarks. Administrators can create widgets in different positions, namely in the sidebar, list of forums, resource categories, resource overview or any other position that you choose. Users can also choose what types of content can be seen in their profile, how many bookmarks are displayed on the page. Bookmarks can be public or private. Supported content types: Topics Posts Forums Media (with XFMG) Resources (with XFRM) Features:Users can: Make your bookmarks private or public Assign names to bookmarks Select the number of bookmarks that will be displayed on one page Create widgets with bookmarks to display them in different parts of the forum When a user creates a bookmark, he automatically subscribes to receive notifications Edit your bookmarks Displaying bookmarks of users in the panel Filter bookmarks by content type Rights for groups and much more!

  3. Version 2.0.0 BETA 4


    An enhanced version of the XenForo search system, allowing higher quality results and faster searching for bigger installations. Extension of support and updates is an additional $10 when you extend your XenForo license. Requires elasticsearch 0.16.0 or newer.

  4. Version 2.0.0 BETA 5


    The XenForo Resource Manager is an add-on that allows you to manage files, downloads, and article-like content within your forum.

  5. Version 2.0.0 BETA 4


    The XenForo Media Gallery is an add-on that allows you and your users to create galleries of images and videos in your forum, organized into admin-defined categories or user-created albums.

  6. On hiatus, while i focus and work on other projects.

  7. The main reason for getting rid of this domain is not due to legal issues, it's because i invested in a scamming fraud known as REB aka The Professor. I don't really care if i break even @ 8 bucks for it, i just want to unload it as i have no use for it. Hell i would even include the backup and all the work i did for this kid as well lol. I do understand where your coming from though, i do however want to just unload it like i said is all. With this said, if someone offers me $8 - 9 right now i would gladly sell it.
  8. Would love to see you get a top TLD with that word, but looks like they are all taken? CO domains cost 23.99 a year not 8 however are currently on sale, but this is the last of the best tld's for this premium keyword domain. I also said best offer over $15. Please do some research before talking shit, thanks.
  9. You can try this: UPDATE core_members SET member_title='<span class="wukkawukka">The Black Swordsman</span>' WHERE member_id='1'; .wukkawukka { color: #FF0000; font-weight: bold; } If font-weight:bold; doesnt work, then try this: font-weight: 700;
  10. Will accept a reasonable Best Offer to, doesn't mean it needs to be 30, but will not accept anything lower then 15.
  11. I don't use IPB but this is just a guess, by viewing source for css. Try: span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large { color: #009900; } /* UNREAD */ span.ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large.ipsItemStatus_read { color:#FF0000; } /* READ */ It may work.
  12. .mycoolrank { display: inline; padding: .2em .6em .3em; font-size: 75%; font-weight: 700; line-height: 1; color: #fff; text-align: center; white-space: nowrap; vertical-align: baseline; border-radius: .25em; background-color: #777; } <span class='mycoolrank'></span> You'll need to adjust this a bit more yourself but this works right out of the box.
  13. Will sell this for $30, seeing i was offered this in pm last night but the buyer has seemed to disappear. Price added to the original post.