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  1. thunderwap

    google ads

    Then what should I do now?
  2. thunderwap

    google ads

    no error logs in ACP. though i am not able to post ads code as i am getting error as i posted in my above post.
  3. thunderwap

    google ads

    help needed please. please help me to fix this problem.
  4. thunderwap

    google ads

    i have done as u said but i get error when i click save button.
  5. thunderwap

    google ads

    hello webflake i am using latest ips and i want to show google ads in my forum at top and bottom. how to show ads in my forum? i already have google ad code but i do not know where to put in my forum site. what are the steps?
  6. hello i am using adobe dreamweaver cc. i need help that while coding in adobe dreamweaver cc i am not able to see the vertical line at left margin in coding window. e.g see the screenshot with the arrow. i want to know that what is the name of that horizontal line that defines paragraphs so that i can enable that in my adobe dreamweaver. the following screenshot is taken from sublime text editor, but i am using adobe dreamweaver so i want to enable that line in my adobe dreamweaver.
  7. hello i am using 4.4.10 version. i want to display last topic, last post reply to the right side of my forum as we can see here in webflake. how to display that? i tried searching that but i do not know what name i should search? please tell me which is best plugin to display last post reply in right side of forum.
  8. yes i have set up all chatbox settings and tried to drag that chatbox from left panel but chatbox does not displays. i clicked that chatbox menu which displayed by an arrow, it shows that following error. please suggest me good chatbox for 4.4.10 version which can be installed easily. the above chatbox compatibility is not compatible with my latest version
  9. i installed this chatbox but its not working. i tried refreshing the page though it ain't showing chatbox
  10. I am using 4.4.10 ips. It shows that chatbox isn't compatible with my verison. Can u please tell me a best chatbox which is compatible with 4.4.10 and I need a chatbox similar like this which can be seen at top of forums.
  11. hello i am looking for a chatbox as shown in this screenshot. anybody please tell me where i can get it? i tried searching but i am not able to find a simple chatbox as soon in screenshot.
  12. i extracted and it worked good. thank you very much.
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