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  1. Gooday We have been having issues with our renewal system and at the moment we are just about doing everything manually. We use a 30 day subscription system which if it expires and is not renewed then the member get a " you cannot buy one of these as you already have one" message.If it hs not expired then there is a PAY NOW icon which seem to be fine but once the renewal is DEAD it actually needs tp be deleted before a new subscription can be purchased. I would suspect somebody with good knowledge of this would have to log into our forum as an admin and see whether we have this all setup correctly.Please if anybody has the necessary know how we would gladly pay for some assistance to get this issue sorted once and for all.
  2. Hi Guys i cant seem to find this part after creating
  3. From my experience i am sure Cookie Monster will prolly come to your rescue here.
  4. I been using very stable and always willing to help
  5. Gooday I have a domain and i have paid my ISP for an SSL certificate. I was using IPB 3.49. I have now upgraded to Version 4....... and suddenly i am getting the error about this is an insecure connection. I dont know anything about SSL so am s bit stuck atm. I have contacted my ISP and they say the SSL is installed but there are insecure item on the website which cause the SSL cert not to show. Please could someone guide me on this issue. atm i am getting this .......this connection is not secure. the ISP sent me this link to check and it says the SSL cert are installed and working correctly. Obviously there is something i dont understand or know how to fix ......... Please could someone advise me thx Morgs
  6. Well i just been helped by Cookie Monster and what an interesting session it was. Wll done sir and thank you very much.
  7. Gooday below is the IPN i am using as instructed when setting up PP on IPB And i do not know what FURL is to be honest>§ion=receive&validate=paypal regards
  8. Gooday All Please could i ask anybody to help me in this issue. I have been using IPB 3.49 for a while now and it has been giving me some issues. My Problem is as tabled below I am using IPB 3.49 with Nexus and am having a problem.1. Problem you are having? After the PayPal Transaction is completes and it returns me to the website I get an error saying " There was a problem please try again"However the PayPal transaction has completed but the call to the website gives that error.2. What version of IP.B are you running? Version 3.494. Who is your web hosting provider? http://www.afrihost.com5. What is your board URL? (you can send it via PM) www.innovative-gaming.net6. What did you try to solve the problem? I have tried recreating PayPal API signatures and installed new ones. I also tried inserting the IPN >>> in the correct place on PayPal.7. Picture/Video of the problem:8. What username and password can we use to see the problem? Username and Password PM me for PayPal and IPB details for help. Please this is rather urgent regards Morgs
  9. IPB NEXUS QUESTION Hi Guys I use IPB 3.4 because our payment system or point of sales app was built around it .....I have one serious issue though. Is there anyway of prevent the app from sending out renewal notices to customers.My app has a renew subscription msg built in once the sub runs out and not all customers want to renew so i get pages of renewal notice all the time. Any help will be great. regards Morgs
  10. Please forgive me but i sorted it out ....... Problem was i had " Make Admin and Super Moderator Viewable only" Thought that meant in profile but apparantly that means always. Fixed now thx just unticked that box.
  11. I have already done that mine looks like this but when i goto registration page it only shows as attached below
  12. Gooday All I have a small problem which i hope someone on here can assist with. On my IPB 3.49 forum i have created a few test boxes where Games ID's need to be added at registration. On the area where i created the section i have ticked the boxes which say ( Must be filled in on registration) and (Must not be left out). So according to me the system is set to enforce new member to enter the ID numbers during registrastion. But when i try to register as a test person the extra section i added does not appear on the registration page. Is there some else that i need to enable for this to be made possible or what am i doing wrong. Any help please will be gladly accepted regards Morgs
  13. Hi Guys I was wondering there way to set that the forum MOD or Admin can edit oe delete posts from the shoutbox. Some peole add personal info there and we;d like to edit them in realtime. regards Morgs