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  1. U from rile5??

    1. Debug


      This is funny af, Thomas can't even find peace on WebFlake.

    2. Thomas
  2. What Browser do you guys use?

    I'm a Firefox guy.
  3. Textboxes do not open in AdminCP

    No plugins installed yet and recaching didn't help. However, the textboxes do show up on other browsers I use (I'm normally on Firefox). Strange. Thanks anyway.
  4. Textboxes do not open in AdminCP

    ​Well, in the picture, where the textbox is supposed to be is just a large dark grey rectangle.
  5. My live site has recently upgraded to IPS4 and is currently running its background processes. While scouting the AdminCP, I noticed that none of the textboxes toggle. What could be the core to this problem?
  6. ​Haha, wow I feel ridiculous that I skipped over that. Thanks for the help, mate, appreciate it a lot!
  7. My bad. We're upgrading to IPS4, so... yeah, IPS4!
  8. Hi! I've been trying to figure this one out and looking it up on Google, but I still cannot find the answer. My own community has a bit of a problem with reputation abuse, yet many would like to see negative reputation return. I'm not sure if this is WebFlake's secret recipe or if it is public information - my question is basic, how can I make it so that members of my community (but moderators and administrators can) can't see who gave them reputation? Thank you.
  9. IPB4 - Blocks on the side

    ​ ​Wow, thanks both of you! I like this manager a lot more.
  10. Hi - basic question, but I cannot figure it out for the life of me. How do I make it so that the blocks on the side are visible? Thus far, only the various categories and forums are visible on my test website, and not the sidebar blocks. Thank you.
  11. WebFlake - IPS4 is LIVE

    HOLY DIFFERENT! This is going to take a lot of time getting used to. However, I like it. Good job!
  12. IP.Board 4.x and WebFlake

    Thank you! Is there anywhere we can keep up with releases on hooks/apps, i.e. awards?
  13. IP.Board 4.x and WebFlake

    Thank you. I'm not the owner of this forum I was referring to, therefore I am currently unaware of these things.
  14. IP.Board 4.x and WebFlake

    Has IPB4 released a "final version" yet, or is it still in RC-phase? My forum will be upgrading when it is out of the RC phase.
  15. Promotion Alert..!

    Congrats Kingy! It's great to see you with that fancy dark green name.