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  1. I'm just wondering how I can add adverts after my 5,15,25,35,45,55 posts and how I can add a advert after 10th,20th,30th,40th topic when looking at the topics in a forum. I know I can add custom locations but i'm not sure where or how to add these. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've just bought a Chromebook, basically all I do it use the internet such as email, and use google docs and sheets.
  3. Never played RDR but I have played GTA and love it. I have seen RDR when the horses get run over by the train lol
  4. Yeah it used to work on the previous version but I have that code you mention on page one, but the warning appears still arghh. #acpNewVersion, #elLicenseKey { display: none; } I'm running 4.4.1
  5. mcyates

    IPS vs vBulletin

    Yeah, the only reason i'd ever go back to vBulletin is so I could use vBookie, that was the best betting app on there and on any other forum i've used.
  6. mcyates

    IOS or Android?

    I've never liked Apple, too restricted. Android is in my eyes the best as you can do more stuff with it. But saying that, the looks of the phones are very similar these days. I admit iPhones did used to look better but now its all software and hardware now which makes the phones stand out, not looks.
  7. mcyates


    The first season was very very good, the 2nd one isn't the best, i'm only 4 Episodes into it but i'm not enjoying it as much as the first season.
  8. PUBG is rubbish. I bought it last week and i've used it for 35 mins. I just can't get into it.
    Works perfectly on Invision Community v4.2.4 Beta 2
  9. Aye, Admin > Appearance > Email Then load up the "Email Wrapper" template and the code is in there.
  10. Hello, I found it in the email wrapper template, i did look before doing a search in chrome but it didn't pick it up for some reason, I searched for the colour f1f1f1. In the end, I found a WYSIWYG editor online and posted the source code and found it that way. Many thanks
  11. This is what I get, sorry for the delay, i've been at home and left my computer up in Scotland!! Thanks for your continued support on this
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